Traineeship and substitute activities

Traineeship and substitute activities consist of carrying out a formative activity, for study or research, in a specific context. Each student must achieve the number of credits expected for their own study plan. 1 credit is assigned for every documented hour of traineeship or substitute activity. The total number of credits provided by the study plan can also be gained by accumulating different activities among those indicated in this web page.


For more detailed information go to the webpage on the site specifically dedicated to the activations of an internship or it is advised to refer to the tutor for the Master’s Degree programme at

For Master’s Degree students in Cultural Anthropology, Ethnology, Anthropological Linguistics (ACEL), the traineeshiprequires students carry out an activity pertinent to the degree programme, evaluated first by the scholar of reference of the Didactic College:

Conferences, seminars, conventions

Attendance is recognised by conferences or other activities recommended by scholars (seminars, conventions etc) subject to approval of the Scholar of reference for the Didactic College.

For the purposes of recognising traineeship credits, it is necessary to ask for a certificate of presence signed and dated by the organisation.

Students that need the credits for fee reduction or other type of subsidy, should begin a request for recognition at the earliest date to the referent of the Didactic College, emphasizing the urgency.

The weekly conferences of the Demo-Ethno-Anthropology Workshop (DEA) is accreditable without previous evaluation of merit. For students enrolled in the Cultural Anthropology, Ethnology, Anthropological Linguistics Master’s Degree programme (ACEL), the DEA Workshop conferences are calculated as activities undertaken as traineeship, measured as 1 ECTS for every 5 conferences attended from beginning to end.

To consult the available substitute activities, visit the Italian page.

Research on campus

Ethnographic research can be seen as substitute activity for a traineeship. Before the start of the campus research, students must discuss their thesis project with their supervisor. On returning to campus, upon presenting their thesis application form, students must fill in the specific form for recognition of campus research as substitute activity for a traineeship.

The application form must be signed and approved first by the thesis supervising scholar and then by the Referent Scholar for traineeships, prof. Valentina Bonifacio for traineeships in Venice (or by the president of the ACEL MAster’s Degree programme), and by professor Donatella Schmidt for traineeships in Padova.

Linguistic Certifications

Linguistic certifications will only be considered as substitute activities for a traineeship if a certificate of final evaluation is presented, with the relevant marks and previous approval of the traineeship referent (a certificate of attendance is not enough).

Recognition is never automatic and the traineeship referent and the Didactic College reserve the right to evaluate the scientific quality of each certificate.

International traineeship and Erasmus traineeship programme

If the student wants to make a traineeship proposal, the documentation for the research project and/or the profile of the traineeship carried out must be submitted to the referent Scholar at least 1 month before the start of thetraineeship.

For more information

Contact the tutor for the ACEL Master’s Degree programme at

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