Traineeship and substitute activities

In the field of the aforementioned “Other formative activities”, the study plan assigns 6 Formal University Credits (ECTS) to educational training and orientation

The ECTS relative to educational training and orientation can be acquired totalling the credits in different types of activities, up until students reach the necessary quota of 6 ECTS. The range of activities through which students may choose are listed below. Only the activities that are mentioned can be taking into consideration by the Didactic College for accrediting ECTS provided by the “educational training and orientation.” 

Recognition in credits of the placement (internship) activities and of the substituted activities are based on the request from the student, according to the principle that 25 documented hours (understood as the time passed whilst working at this institute developing the activity that from an eventual time quota managed autonomously to produce written work) corresponds to 1 ECTS.


Current agreements

Ca’ Foscari has activated numerous agreements with public and private firms available to host formative placements for their students. They can be carried out in such a way within a maximum of 150 hours, equivalent to 6 ECTS.

To activate the procedure for starting a placement students must first contact Ca’ Foscari Internship Office and then agree a training project with the members of the Teaching Committee for placements, that must then be signed (listed in the Scholars page on the Presentation menu), three copies of the corresponding modules (leaving with  them a fourth copy, even if it is not provided in the instructions of the Internship Office). Once you have concluded the placement the same representative must sign the conclusive report, that students must then deliver to the Internship Office to obtain the ECTS.

If, after having consulted the pre-existing list of the firms that have already activated an agreement with Ca’ Foscari to host formative placements, the student does not find the name of a company in which they want to carry out their placement, the student can propose an agreement with another firm following the instructions included in the “Agreement” section on the Activate an internship web page.

If the placement will be carried out in an archive or a library, make sure to read the instructions in the following page [IT].

Traineeships in an archive or a library

From January 2016, in order to carry out a placement at an archive or library agreed upon by Ca’ Foscari that requires skills – even the most basic  - with an archival or librarianship nature, history students (whether Bachelor’s or Master’s degree students) should be able to demonstrate to the member of the Didactic College and representative for placements in archives and libraries that they have already taken at least one exam in the archival or librarianship area (also possible at other universities), or in any case to possess the corresponding abilities.

In the case where, instead of a placement, students also tangibly carry out work in an archive or a library, the carrying out of typical professional activities of archivists and librarians is not expected and therefore archival or librarianship skills are not implicated, this could also be carried out without having taken at least one of the exams, as long as a member of the didactic college competent in the type of activity would be able to vouch for the student.

Substitute Activities for the placement

Substitute activities

Only the activities included in this list (in addition to the others mentioned in other sections of this page), are considered valid by the Didactic College of History for the accreditation of ECTS expected for fulfilling “educational training and orientation”. In particular, students cannot be accredited activities solely recognised by the Didactic College from other degree programmes. In case of doubt, the matter is addressed by the members of the Didactic College of History representing the placements (listed on the Scholars page on the Presentation menu).

The number of ECTS accredited to each activity carried out by the placement are established by the Didactic College and are previously announced to students in the relative documentation for each activity, or can be requested by the scholar representing the same activity. 

On finishing the activity, students must have the form for the understanding of the activities carried out by the placement filled out by the representative scholar for the single activity carried out and then must hand it in to the Humanities Campus upon reaching the number of ECTS expected from the study plan together with the rest of the documentation.

To consult the available substitute activities, visit the Italian page.

Civil Service and 150 hours collaborations

Students that are undertaking a “National Civil Service” at Ca’ Foscari or another institute, or a “150-hour General collaboration” at Ca’ Foscari, should ask members of the representative Didactic College for internships (listed on the Scholars page on the Presentation menu) that such activities, once completed, will be recognised as substitute activities for the placement (up to a maximum of 9 ECTS), and are considered so by the pertinent College in respect to the didactic programme of the student. They should not however take into consideration activities of this type that are already in the programme or already completed.

With regards to the Civil Service, there is the possibility to carry it out at Ca' Foscari and for those carrying it out at other institutions can only be taken into consideration for substitute activities for the placement if these institutions have previously agreed upon a specific agreement with Ca’ Foscari.

Substitute exams (only for part-time students)

Part-time students enrolled in Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in History can request the Didactic College to substitute the placement with an exam (to carry out only after having agreed it with their own College) without having to modify their study plan. Forms are available from the members of the Didactic College of History representatives for placements (listed on the Scholars page on the Presentation menu).

Last update: 20/06/2023