Women: Comparing Histories and Cultures

Minor no longer on offer - a.y. 2019/2020

This Minor will not be on offer starting from the academic year 2020/2021.
Students who have already chosen one or more modules of this Minor will have the chance to complete it during academic year 2020/2021 as four exam dates will be available.

Students enrolled up to academic year 2019/20 can keep on choosing one, two or three Minor modules. Passing the three exams, you will get a certification and an Open badge.

By completing your study plan, you can sign up for two Minor exams out of the free choice exams, for a total of 12 ETCS, while the third (6 ETCS) must be included in the supernumerary exams.
Business Administration students have a study plan, which involves 18 ETCS of free choice, for which they may not have recourse to supernumerary credits.


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Objectives and contents 

Women, through their thoughts and their actions have spearheaded many historic events, but often received insufficient recognition.

Through the medium of literature, this Minor will inform you about many stories of women from different geographical, social, cultural and institutional contexts from ancient Roman times to modern day. It will also allow you to understand how women are represented: the stereotypes, clichés that characterise so many female literary portraits allow us to rediscover the true profile of many protagonists of our history in a new light, and to better understand our times through their stories.

Through the contribution of different University professors, we will study the women depicted in classical literature (where the behavioral models and anti-models are defined), and the female protagonists of contemporary Italian literature (the experience that is closest to us) and incorporating the stimuli of our time), women in Latin American culture (women in literature and female writers), in Islam (women in religious literature and in Sharia law) and in China (women and literature between the late imperial age and revolution).


This Minor is taught in Italian.

Modules of the Minor  
Academic year 2019/2020

Students have to contact the Professors indicated into the webpage of each course to agree upon the relevant exam programme.


This Minor is aimed at all students enrolled in Bachelor’s degree programmes at the university.

Last update: 15/10/2020