The Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management provides the necessary skills to leverage the opportunities and changes that the current digital transformation has brought into almost all industries. It guides students on a path towards becoming dynamic and innovative. It helps them become future managers who are able to use innovative technologies and services to re-think and revolutionize organizations, markets and industries.

The bachelor’s degree program prepares students through a new and highly collaborative learning experience, one in which interdisciplinary academic lectures are integrated with direct experimentation in the field, teamwork activities and project works. During the last year of the programme, students will develop an individual project through an internship with one of the over 200 innovative firms in H-FARM’s and Ca’ Foscari’s networks.

In order to further develop students’ skills and, above all, their outlook of the future, the three-year degree in Digital Management has planned a series of curriculum enhancing activities for the four academic periods of the course. In this specific case, "curriculum enhancing activities" means all of the formative experiences planned by H-FARM College and the didactic coordination of the Ca’ Foscari course, which will enrich the educational experience of the students throughout their entire academic path. Some examples: Business English, Public Speaking, Soft Skills, Geopolitics, Project Management...

The curriculum enhancing courses do not entail the issuing of university credits towards the completion of the course diploma. They are, instead, courses that aim to expand and complete the standard course offering. Attendance is strongly recommended because the content and methods of these activities are complementary to the curricular courses and are therefore instrumental for a productive attendance of the courses themselves.

The Academic Year is divided into four terms. Each term is composed of 5 weeks of classes. Classes are held from Monday to Friday, both in the morning and afternoon. Four exam sessions are held over the Academic Year.



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