1st level university Master - academic year: 2019/20


Jan Van Der Borg
Ca' Foscari University of Venice



The Master in Hospitality offers a top level programme on the themes of hotel and hospitality management and is aimed at training management figures to enter the most modern hospitality and tourism industry. The structure of the modules and their individual contents are characterised by a strong focus on the acquisition of knowledge, technical skills and managerial abilities in line with the standards required by today’s tourism industry, ever more on the lookout for executive type figures able to take on complex decision-making responsibilities and in touch with the important evolutions occurring over the last few years in the globalised tourism industry.

The Master in Hospitality is characterised by its international reach and is offered in close collaboration with both the best in the field from the university world and the most innovative part of the tourism industry, combining both academic and business excellences in the hospitality sector in the broad sense. The Master includes ample space for significant and qualifying work experiences in the field in relation to the local and international excellences mentioned above.


The Master has been designed in close collaboration and synergy with the public and private segments of the international tourism offer, starting from the need to train managerial figures able to help the hospitality tourism industry operate efficiently and competitively in today’s globalised tourism scenario, through advanced tools and techniques of hotel and hospitality management. The aim of the Master programme is thus to provide economic and managerial knowledge and technical skills, with particular focus on the strategic management of tourism companies and the hospitality sector in general, adopting an integrated approach strongly oriented towards process and product innovation. 

Language: the course is taught in English

Available places: 30

Duration of the programme: one year

Period: March 2020 - March 2021

Teaching method: Formal lectures

Location: Venice

Deadline for application submission: February 13th, 2020

Enrolment fees: € 6.200

Information: Ca’ Foscari Challenge School,

Last update: 07/07/2020