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The Floor to Students

Antonio Cinà tells us why she chose the Bachelor's Degree in Informatics.

Antonio was interviewed by Radiocafoscari, the university's web radio which is managed and held by Ca' Foscari's students.

Why did you choose this Bachelor’s Degree Programme?

I have always been interested by computer science and technology and I had already studied computer science in high school. I saw that Ca’ Foscari offered what I was looking for and that is why I decided to enrol here.

What do you enjoy about this Bachelor’s degree programme?

The privileged relationships with professors: as we were a limited number of students we could interact more with them and it motivated us to study more since at the beginning you study basic things and the teachers show you what expects you afterwards. It is really great because it pushes you to go on.

How would you describe your experience at Ca’ Foscari?

I was completely satisfied and I did not expect it. You have your own space, and can spend time here with your friends. It is a different world compared to high school. It is not about studying to finish your homework but for yourself. The Campus is great with a beautiful garden and in the sunny days we enjoy playing soccer. It is a relaxing environment.

The course evaluated by students

The following documents show what students think of their courses; you will not only find their opinions on academics and teaching staff but also on student services, the organisation of the course and the teaching equipment. Opinions are gathered through an online survey that all registered students fill in at the end of every module.

Why Ca' Foscari

A survey explaining the reasons why bachelor and masters students at Ca’ Foscari chose to study here.

Work placements evaluated by students and employers

Read the opinions of employers and students at Ca’ Foscari at the end of their work placement. You will find information and interesting advice on how to get the most out of your experience.

Last update: 22/11/2023