Rethinking forgery: Interdisciplinary investigations

22 November 2017, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia, Aula Mario Baratto

Global Challenges Seminar

This interdisciplinary event is entirely devoted to the issues of forgeries, fakes, and counterfeits. Experts from different areas (archaeologists, architects, epigraphers, librarians and numismatists) will gather to discuss how fakes impact research in their own disciplines. By abandoning the negative attitude that scholars have traditionally had towards forgeries, we propose instead to examine them with a more constructive approach. In fact, forgeries should be interpreted as the outcome of a cultural process that reflects a relationship both with the ancient world and with the time when they were produced.

The event will take place in the main lecture hall of Ca' Foscari's central gothic building and is co-organized with the Carabinieri Art Quad - Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

Program: Dentro il falso / Indagini interdisciplinari