Customizing macromolecules through chemical ligation

Prof. Phil Dawson, Scripps Research - California

October 17, 2019 at 11 am
Aula Delta 1, Campus Scientifico di via Torino, Mestre

The research institute for Complexity at Ca' Foscari University hosts on the 17th October 2019 a seminar by Prof. Phil Dawson, Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Scripps Research Institute.

The selective modification of macromolecules is a central tool of chemical biology. We have developed a suite of techniques for the chemoselective modification of unprotected macromolecules to facilitate total chemical synthesis, semisynthesis and the generation of bioconjugates. In one approach, the adaptation of well known, synthetic organic reactions to aqueous bioconjugation is facilitated through careful optimization of reaction conditions, leading to the development of novel diyne linked conjugates and macrocyclic peptides. In other work, we have developed new approaches for the C-terminal activation of proteins utilizing intramolecular reactions to provide a desired level of activation under mild reaction conditions. Finally, the reversable adsorption of macromolecules to a solid support (RASS) approach facilitates the compatibility of peptides, proteins and DNA with non-traditional reaction conditions. This approach promises to have broad utility for the chemical manipulation of macromolecules and to transform the development of chemically complex DNA encoded libraries for drug discovery. The broad potential for the application of these methodologies in the development of potent bioactive molecules will be discussed.

The seminar will be followed at 2 pm (Buidling Alfa, room Acquario 6th floor) by a round table discussion on applications on the chemical synthesis of peptides and proteins for the development of new therapeutic molecules and nanomaterials. Projects in the field of nanomedicine.
Disussants: Prof. Alessandro Angelini, Prof. Achille Giacometti, Dr. Flavio Rizzolio (Ca' Foscari University) and Prof. Fernando Formaggio (University of Padua)