Useful information


Saturday 7th July:
REGISTRATION to the School will take place at the Junghans Residence on the Giudecca Island from 2.30 p.m. onward.

WELCOME BUFFET: It will take place at the restaurant/café Food and Art Giudecca situated in Campo Junghans 487/B very close to Junghans Residence.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The badge  at the registration desk participants will receive their badge that they must wear all the times they have access to Palazzo Ducale and to the Cultural Centre Don Orione Artigianelli to attend the lessons. Participants without their badge won’t be admitted at the entrance of the two venues.

A welcome kit bag will also be given containing useful information on the Summer School programme and activities and gadgets.

7 days ticket: Participants will be provided with a 7 days ticket which allows unlimited travel on all navigation services and on Mestre urban network excluding trips to and from Marco Polo airport.


The IUPAC Postgraduate Summer School on Green Chemistry will take place in two venues:


Address: Saint Mark Square,1 30135 Venice. Entrance from Porta della Carta.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the City of Venice and Lagoon the Summer School will be in part hosted in the beautiful and prestigious Venetian location of PALAZZO DUCALE, the Doge’s Palace.
Palazzo Ducale
is a palace built in Venetian Gothic style, an impressive structure and one of the main landmarks of the city of Venice. The palace was the residence of the supreme authority of the former Republic of Venice, the Doge of Venice, and today is one of the most important museums in Venice.

  • Only participants wearing their badge will be allowed to enter Palazzo Ducale to attend the School.

  • Entrance is not permitted at Palazzo Ducale with luggage, so the day of departure you can leave it at Junghans Residence in their check room.

How to reach Palazzo Ducale:
From "Marco Polo" airport:
take the touristic bus ATVO or the city bus ACTV line N° 5, arrival at Piazzale Roma in Venice.
From Piazzale Roma or Venice train station
: ACTV boat line 1, Vallaresso or San Zaccaria stop; or boat line 2 Giardinetti stop; or boat line 5.1 or 4.1, San Zaccaria stop.
From Junghans Residence:
take ACTV boat line 2 (every 12 minutes) from “Palanca” stop and get off at the stop “Zaccaria”. It takes about 12 minutes (4 stops).
Or take ACTV boat line 4.1 (every 20 minutes) from “Palanca” stop and get off at the stop “Zaccaria”. The boat takes about 12 minutes (3 stops).

From Don Orione Artigianelli: you can either walk, it takes about 20 minutes to reach Palazzo Ducale or…

…you can take the ACTV boat line 5.1 from stop “Zattere” every 20 minutes which takes 10 minutes to arrive at stop “Zaccaria”.


Address: Rio Terà Foscarini, 909/A, 30123 Dorsoduro, Venice

The second prestigious location is the 6th Century Cultural Centre Don Orione Artigianelli, inside an old monastery, in a private and quiet place in the city centre of Venice, behind Gallerie dell’Accademia with direct overview on the Zattere quayside and on Giudecca Canal.

How to reach Don Orione Artigianelli:
From “Marco Polo” airport: Take the water bus Alilaguna and get off at the stop “Zattere”
Reach Piazzale Roma: with the touristic bus ATVO or directly with the city bus ACTV n. 5.
In Piazzale Roma you can take the boat line No. 5.1 or 6 until the stop “Zattere”.
From Venice train station: you can take the boat line No. 5.1 or 6 until the stop “Zattere”.
From Junghans Residence: take ACTV boat line 2 or 8 (every 8 minutes) from “Palanca” stop and get off at the stop “Zattere”. It takes about 11 minutes (1 stop).


Teachers and students will be accommodated at Junghans Residence
Address: Giudecca 392, Ramo della Palada, 30133 Venice
Students will be accommodated in double rooms and teachers in single room.
The Residence is open 24 h.
Access to the rooms will be available from 3 p.m. of Saturday 7th July. In any case of early arrivals, the Residence gives the possibility to momentarily leave the luggage in their check room. 

Since entrance at Palazzo Ducale is forbidden with luggage, you can leave it at Junghans Residence’s checkroom.

How to reach the residence:

From "Marco Polo" airport: ACTV bus line N° 5, arrival at Piazzale Roma in Venice. From Piazzale Roma you take the ACTV boat lines: No. 2 or 4.1 and reach the stop Palanca. Once you get off, turn left, follow Fondamenta S. Eufemia (along the Giudecca canal), cross the small bridge (Ponte Piccolo), turn to the first street on your right which brings to Campiello Ferrando; once you arrive there, you have to cross the bridge “Ponte della Palada”, turn left and walk through Fondamenta della Palada, at half-way of which there is “Ramo Terzo della Palada”, the street entrance of the residence.
From Venice train station
: (same as from Piazzale Roma)

ACTV Boat service timetable in Venice
ACTV Bus service from the airport, line 5


Students and teachers accommodated at Junghans Residence will receive a voucher they will use to get their breakfast at the Restaurant Café Food and Art Giudecca in Campo Junghans just 1 minute’s walk from the Residence.


On Wednesday Afternoon 11th



Full registration fee: € 610,00 (€ 500,00 +22% VAT)

The fee includes for the whole period:

  • lectures
  • materials
  • administrative costs
  • accommodation costs in Venice
  • meals: breakfast and lunch
  • a boat trip on the Venetian Lagoon (to be confirmed)

Travel expenses are not included in the fee.

NB: The Summer School lessons will end on Friday afternoon 13th July at 14.00. The additional days Friday 13th afternoon and Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th won't be financially covered by the School. Participants who would decide to stay longer would have to pay at their own expense.

Participants who would decide to arrive before the 7th of July and/or leave after the 13th will have to pay at their own expense. To keep the same room at Junghans Residence and for payment please download the following ACCOMMODATION FORM REQUEST, fill and send it to and  who will fully take care of your request.



NB: should be done only after communication of admission to the Summer School by the Organizing Committee. Admissions will be closed once reached the maximum number of 80 applicants.

Payment must be made by bank transfer/wire to the following account:

Address: Corso del Popolo, 21, 30172 Venezia VE, Italy
IBAN: IT10D0100502046000000005279
Account Name: PIETRO TUNDO
CAB: 02046
ABI: 01005

Reference:  LAST NAME and NAME of the student – Green Chemistry Summer School 2018

NB: All bank transfer fees are to be covered by the student.

INVOICE will be sent by the Organizing Committee after reception of payment to the address the student will indicate.
The following information is requested for the invoice:

Please Note that the payment needs to be processed within the deadline indicated; otherwise, candidates will be excluded from participating in the Summer School.

Cancellation Information

If you find it necessary to cancel the registration completely, please send an email to

  • provided written notice is received by 15th May 2018, a 70% refund will be given.
  • for participations cancelled after 15th May 2018, or for no-shows at the school, no refund will be given.


Funding is granted to students COMING FROM LESS-ADVANTAGED COUNTRIES.

Scholarship applications deadline was 31st January 2018.
Applicants admitted to the grant have been directly informed via email.

Students who have not been considered eligible for a scholarship, and want anyway to attend paying the participation themselves should contact the organizing committee at in order to be included in the selection process. 
In this case, payments should be made within 7th June 2018. (See payments details above).

Admissions will be closed once reached the maximum number of participants (80 in total).

Scholarships will cover in full or in part:

  • school fees
  • accommodation in Venice from 7th to 13th July 2018 (6 nights)
  • meals (breakfast and lunch)

NB: Scholarships do not cover travel expenses, nor any further costs.

Additional days Friday afternoon 13th - Saturday 14th /(15th Sunday): The Summer School lessons will end on Friday afternoon 13th July at 14.00. The additional days Friday 13th afternoon and Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th won't be financially covered by the Summer School. Participants who would decide to stay longer would have to pay at their own expense.


In case the participants need a letter of invitation for VISA applications, please contact the organizing committee.

NB: The VISA invitation letter will be provided only against payment and confirmation of participation to the School by the participants.