Final exam and diploma

Final exam

To be admitted to the final exam you need to have attended the Learning Activities offered by the Professional Master’s programme (in compliance with the attendance requirements laid down for your particular programme), participated in the internship and passed the intermediate tests.

To take the final exam you must ensure that you have:

  • paid all outstanding tuition fees;
  • compiled the AlmaLaurea questionnaire;
  • submitted the online final exam application by going to your Personal Area (remember to attach the receipt showing that you have filled in the AlmaLaurea questionnaire).

From 2015/2016 onwards, after completing the online procedure you will need to pay the 16-euro revenue stamp (“Payments” section) using either a credit card/prepaid credit card (Visa or Master Card circuits only).

You must have submitted your final exam application and paid the revenue stamp in order to receive your qualification upon completing the programme.

Students passing the final exam will be awarded a 1st or 2nd level Professional Master’s qualification and receive the relative diploma. 

After acquiring your Professional Master’s qualification you may enrol in either a bachelor’s or master’s degree progamme, eventually obtaining recognition of equivalent credits or courses required for the degree programme in question.

Professional Master’s Diploma

Diplomas may be collected (by appointment [IT] only) from the Post-Graduate Administration Unit: remember to bring valid ID with you.

You can nominate another person to collect your certificates provided they bring:

  • an authorization letter signed by you;
  • their ID;
  • a photocopy of your ID.

Consignment of diplomas

You may also have your diploma sent to you at your expense by the University’s standard courier service. In this case you will need to: 

  • send a request [IT] to the Post-Graduation Administration Unit (via email, fax or post) to have your diploma sent to you by courier;
  • enclose a photocopy/scan of a valid ID;
  • enclose the receipt of payment of 20 euros for shipping fees made by bank transfer or by the online payment [IT] procedure.

Our offices will inform you whether a revenue stamp is required.

Important information: Use only one of the application procedures listed when sending your request.

Duplicate diplomas

In the event that your original diploma is mislaid, you can request a duplicate from the Post-Graduate Administration Unit by submitting an application form [IT] and attaching the following:

  • two 16-euro revenue stamps (one to be attached to your application and one on the duplicate diploma);
  • copy of the document reporting its loss or a Personal Sworn Declaration [IT] (legally valid under Decree of the President of the Republic N. 445/2000);
  • receipt of payment of 55 euros in administration fees made by bank transfer.

You may send your application by email to or by fax to +39 041 234 7525. You will be sent an email informing you that the duplicate has been issued.

To collect your duplicate you will first need to book an appointment by means of the online procedure [IT] or request consignment by courier following the guidelines listed above.

If you have lost or forgotten your login details giving you access to your Personal Area, you may use the Recover forgotten password process.

Alternatively, you can request your login details by fax to +39 041 234 7970, attaching your ID and indicating the email address to which the password is to be sent.

Last update: 12/01/2021