Procedure for Professional Master’s students only

The organization of a Professional Master’s curricular internship requires a three-year agreement to be drawn up between Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the hosting body as well as the compilation of a training project to be agreed upon with the company tutor and the university tutor.

These documents must be drawn up – either at the same time or at different times by the student together with a coordinator in the host body and sent by post/courier to the Ca’ Foscari Challenge School prior to the internship start date
Should it be necessary to confirm the launch of the internship prior to its start, documents should be sent by email to

  • The Professional Master’s training path allows students to participate in one or more internships provided they are activated prior to the conclusion of the Professional Master’s programme (they may of course continue after the programme has ended) and that the internships last at least 1 month but not longer than 12 months (total duration of all internships eventually activated).
  • Such internships do not give rise to an employment relationship and interns in companies do not have employment contracts. Interns will work a maximum 40-hour week and are entitled to a lunch break on full-time days. Companies and interns will make their own arrangements with regard to time off.
  • Benefits (reimbursement of expenses, lunch vouchers or other benefits that the host company may offer to the intern during the course of their internship): Italian legislation does not oblige host companies to guarantee such benefits. The management of the expense reimbursement process is the responsibility of the host company, which will check that benefit disbursement procedures are in place. The most frequent benefits are reimbursement of season tickets for public transport and reimbursement of lunch expenses.
  • The Challenge School will be responsible for all bureaucratic aspects of the organization of internships as well as informing the Ispettorato Territoriale del Lavoro (Local Employment Office).


Before applying for an internship you will need to find out whether there is an agreement in place between Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the host body by checking the list in your Personal Area: selection is by area so you should enter the name of the municipality where the registered office of the body concerned is based.

If there is no agreement you will need to complete and sign the online form containing a Request for New Agreement (in either Italian or English).

To set up an internship, the host company must draw up an agreement with the University. First check whether an agreement is already in place (see list of companies with agreements at

If the host company already has an agreement and it is recent, the next step involves drawing up the training project together with your company tutor and your university tutor.
If there is no agreement in place (or the agreement is old), you need to ask the host company to sign a new agreement then draw up the training project together with your company tutor and your university tutor.

The agreement, generated online, must be printed in 3 stamped copies signed in original by the Legal Representative of the Organization (or its delegate) and sent to the following address specifying the name of the master in the envelope:

Challenge School
VEGA - Parco Scientifico Tecnologico di Venezia
Porta dell'Innovazione
Via della Libertà 12
30175 Venezia

One of the 3 copies, signed by the relevant Ca’ Foscari Head, will be sent to the Company while the other copies will be sent to the competent offices by the Challenge School.

Training project

5 copies of the training project will be drawn up and signed by the company tutor, by the university tutor (usually the Head of the Professional Master’s programme concerned) and by the intern and sent to the following address (remember to specify the name of the Professional Master’s programme concerned on the envelope):

Challenge School
VEGA - Parco Scientifico Tecnologico di Venezia
Porta dell'Innovazione
Via della Libertà 12
30175 Venezia

3 of the copies of the Training Agreement will be sent by the Challenge School to the competent offices while the remaining 2 are for the intern and the host company.

Online application

Important information: if the internship involves transfers to offices other than the one specified in the agreement, please specify this under “Internship aims and procedures”. If no transfers were specified in the original training project and a transfer becomes necessary, you will need to fill in a special form (attached below). After filling in and signing the form, you must scan it and send it to well in advance of the planned transfer date.
The same form can be used in case of interruptions, extensions or variations to the conditions agreed upon at the time of signing the original training project.

Attendance register

This document records attendance at work.
It must be filled in as accurately as possible both for reasons linked to safety and insurance as well as for recognition of credits. For this reason interns must update it daily during their internship, specifying attendance times and getting times counter-signed by the company tutor.
At the end of their internship they must send a scan of the attendance register to


Last update: 08/05/2018