Master MaBAC

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Double Master’s 2nd Level University Degree in Management of Cultural Assets and Activities
Academic year 2018/2019

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and ESCP Europe Paris have developed the Double Master’s 2nd Level University Degree in Management of Cultural Assets and Activities (MaBAC) in order to develop students’ professional profiles to enable them to propose and manage new businesses connected with culture and the arts, via an innovative teaching approach, combined with the managerial experience and tools of teachers and professionals of international standing. Ca’ Foscari and ESCP Europe jointly offer:

  • two Master’s qualifications from both institutions attending a single course;
  • the chance to access the European job market;
  • a learning and training experience in two world capitals of culture;
  • the experience of a teaching staff made up of academics from both institutions and professional experts.

Key social and economic trends attribute to the cultural system a role of engine for European development. As a result, businesses connected with cultural assets and activities are exhibiting strong growth, which is set to continue over the next few years. This trend opens up new opportunities for organisations (whether public, private, mixed public/private, profit or not-for-profit) that have the capacity to equip themselves with new skills and competences in relation to the promotion of cultural products.

Significant new employment prospects for graduates are thus being created in businesses belonging to the cultural system, major cultural institutions, international consulting firms and companies with interests in the cultural system, provided that their traditional competences are combined with advanced techniques for the management of cultural products and that they are oriented towards entering the European job market.

Learning objectives

MaBAC develops and trains:

  • managers capable of joining European organisations, gaining access to high-level positions and taking on managerial responsibilities who are in possession of the necessary expertise to be able to identify and manage intangible and tangible resources, implement partnership agreements and manage projects of international scope;
  • expert consultants capable of professionally implementing and managing projects relating to cultural products, from the generation of ideas to their commissioning on the international level.

Who the course is for

The MaBAC programme is for new graduates and professionals interested in acquiring managerial skills in relation to projects in the field of culture and the arts in international contexts. Students in possession of the following degrees may be admitted to the Double Master’s programme:

  • a specialist degree in the economics area (Business Economics, Economics, Political Science, Communication Sciences);
  • a specialist degree in the humanities area (Foreign Languages and Literature, Literature, Philosophy, History, History of Art, Cultural Heritage Preservation, Architecture, Design, Artistic and Performance Techniques);
  • an interdepartmental specialist degree in Economics and Management of Art and Cultural Activities;
  • a specialist degree in the law area.

In order to take in the Double Master’s programme students must have excellent knowledge of English and basic knowledge of Italian and French.

Two qualifications

Participants in the Master’s programme will obtain two qualifications at the same time by attending a single course:

  • the qualification of Master Universitario di II livello in Management dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali (Double Master’s 2nd Level University Degree in Management of Cultural Assets and Activities)
  • the qualification of Mastère Spécialisé en Management des Biens et des Activités Culturels

awarded respectively by two major European educational establishments, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and ESCP Europe (ranked first among European business schools by the Financial Times in September 2010). Being awarded two qualifications will enable participants to gain entry to the European job market, and not only the domestic one.

Career openings

The MaBAC programme provides support for students in the placement process, thanks to its European partnership network. The learning and training experience in two different national settings which are strongly characterised by cultural assets and activities, Venice in Italy and Paris in France, and the awarding of 2 qualifications offer MaBAC participants the opportunity to gain entry to the European job market, not just the domestic one. The skills and expertise acquired on the MaBAC Double Master’s programme prepare students for careers in:

  • National and cross-national for-profit cultural institutions;
  • National and cross-national not-for-profit cultural institutions (for example major museums and opera houses);
  • Large groups which, despite not belonging to the culture system in the    strict sense, plan to invest in projects of a transnational dimension (for example through sponsorship or patronage);
  • Banking and non-banking foundations which pursue cultural aims;
  • International cooperation organisations;
  • Any other businesses requiring staff capable of managing complex projects in the cultural field.

Last update: 04/10/2018