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Master GESAM

1st level university MasterGlobal economics and social affairs - GESAM
Accademic Year 2019/2020

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The Global Economics and Social Affairs Master (GESAM) is a one-year, first-level international Master degree programme organized by Ca’ Foscari University in Venice in collaboration with the International Labour Organization in Geneva.

The GESAM programme is taught by national and international lecturers in partnership with a wide range of Italian and foreign organizations and businesses working at a global level.

The course has been designed to respond to the need to interpret and govern economic and social phenomena in an era of globalization, especially in view of the current economic crisis. Indeed, it aims to reflect constantly evolving global challenges, so it is essential to establish high profile courses that will prepare our prospective future leaders in the global arena. To this end, the GESAM programme equips the student with the essential skills to identify and interpret global issues and their trends. 

The GESAM programme provides the student with the chance to acquire in-depth knowledge drawn from a variety of disciplines: Economics (Political Economy; Micro- and Macro- Economics; International Economic Policies; International Management, Transnational Enterprise Management; International Finance; Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Ethics, etc.) and Legal disciplines (International Law; International and European Labour law; Labour law; Human Rights and Globalization, International Trade Law, etc.).

After GESAM, students can continue their studies by enrolling at the Master's Degree Programme in International Relations, with the possibility of having recognized up to a maximum of 48 credits from those obtained during the master.


The GESAM programme is designed for the student who wishes to undertake an international career and acquire management skills in order to combine market and competitiveness trends with the ever-increasing need to promote sustainable development, not only in economic terms, but also as regards social and environmental aspects. Indeed, there is a demand for qualified and competent figures in corporate restructuring, the development of new markets, international cooperation, and the internationalization of enterprises. The programme focuses on the need to address specific legal systems and highly varied social-economic contexts, and to govern internationalization processes in the private sector, but at the same time to promote effective decision-making in the public sector. 

Who can apply?

Italian and foreign post-graduate students who have a degree in economic, juridical or social science disciplines and who are interested in an internationally-oriented course; public and private employees working in Italy or abroad;   employees working in international organizations; employees working in the Ministry of Labour and Welfare and the Ministry of Foreign Trade (or equivalent institutions from other countries); professionals; consultants; employees from research centres and/or Non-Governmental Organizations; trade union representatives.


Since the global economy requires qualified leaders and managers to address legal and economic issues swiftly and effectively on the international scene, whether in the public or private sector, the Master equips the student with key professional, legal and business skills to deal with globalization and its impact on labour and social relations, in particular. The student will acquire the knowledge, skills and methods to identify, analyze and put into context various issues that involve economic actors and organizations working on the international scene. 
In brief, the GESAM programme aims to provide:

  • High-quality practical teaching for prospective global leaders.
  • In-depth analysis of public and private organizations of countries all over the world and extensive research in global economics and social affairs.
  • Further educational prospects for those who already work in the field of economics and social affairs.

Career Prospects

  • Employees of international and/or regional organizations (institutions, NGOs);
  • Managers of multinational companies/Export managers/ International operations and international project managers/New market developers/Experts of corporate restructuring who want to enhance company development and growth;
  • New professional figures, such as social accountability consultants; etc.
  • Professionals and/or consultants working in an international and/or regional organization;  Civil servants at the Ministery of Labour and Welfare and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and/or those involved in decision-making processes;
  • Experts in international cooperation (especially concerning projects to solve social crises and/or to launch new development projects).

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