Ricardo Alvarez and Silvana Nuovo worked together to produce a series of images of family and personal archives, as well as their own records. In the mimetic transfer of the photographic language to the pictorial one there is a signaling, an indicial gesture. 

The images that the artists have used to elaborate their works come from different places:  from the domestic photographs of the inhabitants of Puerto Casado, from photographs taken by Ricardo Alvarez during his stay in the town in 2016, and from still frames of a video belonging to Father Zislao’s archive in Puerto Casado. This kind of pictorial kaleidoscope that they propose, the struggle for land, the fervor for meat, the postcards of the city and the festivities is loaded with frictions and contradictions. As Silvana Nuovo noted very well: in the celebration of the village carnival, the workers are dressed as “indigenous people" and in the indigenous celebrations, these are dressed with the Italian fashion clothes that the priests brought to them.

Serie "Sociedad anónima”

Óleo sobre lienzo






Video 13’ 19’’
Year of production: 2016

The video is a fragment in slow motion of the moment in which a group of ex-workers and local inhabitants take the house of the Casado family in response to the selling of the historical center of Casado on part of the Casado family to the Unification Church. An instant passes and in that fragment of time a future that will not yet come starts to take shape.

 The original video belongs to the private archive of Father Zislao Ksiazek in Puerto Casado.