Why study languages in Venice

1. Broad Choice of degree programmes

The Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies offers a vast range of quality academic programmes with an international vocation.

2. Twenty Two languages

The Bachelor’s degree programmes offer the possibility to study 22 languages.

For the Bachelor’s Degree in Languages, Civilization and the Sciences of Language it is possible to choose two of these languages, freely connected with each other, with the possibility of integrating a third language through open units, in whatever curriculum you choose (literature, international politics, linguistics/philological/didactic).

Ca’ Foscari is an institution of excellence that allows you to construct your own personal curriculum specializing in one of these linguistic areas.

Linguistic Areas

3. Double/Joint Degrees

You will be able to choose to enrol in one of the double/joint degree programmes and have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad and achieve a double/joint degree with another International university. To find out more, read the interview with a student who undertook this experience.

To discover more read the interview of a student who took this opportunity.

4. Periods of Study Abroad

You will be able to deepen your preparation with a period of study in numerous European and non-European countries thanks to the large number of agreed exchanges with Universities all around the world.

5. Internships in Italy and abroad

You could get involved in work experience through internship programmes in agreed-upon places with the University and the Department.


6. Libraries

The three libraries for the Language field are fundamental points of reference for students in preparation for their exams, dissertations and are inestimable assists for those that want to deepen their understanding of linguistic research.

7. Cultural Events

You will have the chance to participate in numerous cultural events organized by the scholars in the Department, that host scholars with international recognition who come from all over the world.

8. Departmental Projects

You could follow and participate in the projects that the Department runs with external entities and organizations.

9. Sustainability

Along the lines of sustainability, the University and the Department recognize the importance of reducing environmental impact and promoting more responsible lifestyles: the objective is to spread awareness through the Ca’ Foscari community and students’ education, whose future behaviour and decisions will be influenced by the skills they acquire during their university experience.

10. Living in Venice

Built on the waters of the lagoon, Venice is a unique city, present together with the lagoon environment that surrounds it in UNESCO’s list of world heritages: it hosts exhibitions and cultural events of international importance and today is still a crossroad of civilizations , cultures and traditions from around the world.

Last update: 21/05/2024