Green Chemistry Summer School: Venice, 6th-10th July 2020

5 lecture days. A certificate of participation will be given to all the participants.

List of speakers and lecture titles

file pdfJean-Marie LEHN (France)
"Perspectives in Chemistry: Molecular – Supramolecular – Adaptive Chemistry"
355 K
file pdfFabio Aricò (Italy)
"Bio-based platform chemicals and dialkyl carbonates: synthesis, functionalization and applications"
112 K
file pdfMichael Graetzel (Switzerland)
"Mesoscopic Photosystems for the Generation of electricity and Fuels from Sun light"
168 K
file pdfKrzysztof Kris Matyjaszewski (United States)
"Towards Green Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization"
175 K
file pdfFrancesco Trotta (Italy)
"Exploitation of renewable resources in Chemistry"
137 K
file pdfPietro Tundo (Italy)
"Reaction mechanism and energy profiles: how Green Chemistry complies with them. The case of Dimethyl Carbonate"
162 K
file pdfKonstantinos S. Triantafyllidis (Greece)
"Adding value to biorefinery and pulp industry side-streams. Lignin valorization to fuels, chemicals and polymer"
159 K
file pdfOliver Kappe (Austria)
"Going with the Flow – The Use of Continuous Processing in Organic Synthesis"
133 K
file pdfFlorent Allais (France)
"Biomass upgrading through the combination of Biotechnology, Green Chemistry and Downstream Process"
495 K
file pdfZhimin Liu (China PR)
"Ionic Liquids and their Applications in Transformation of Carbon Dioxide"
502 K
file pdfFerruccio Trifiro (Italy)
"The elimination of toxic reagents to realize a sustainable chemistry"
500 K
file pdfBuxing Han (China PR)
"Catalysis in Green Chemistry"
509 K
file pdfSergey Zinoviev (Netherlands)
"Green Chemistry in the Context of the Chemical Weapons Convention, its Contribution to Chemical Safety and Security and the Peaceful Uses of Chemistry"
349 K
file pdfNatalia Tarasova (Russia)
"Green Chemistry within Planetary Boundaries"
527 K
file pdfJane Wissinger (United States)
"Green Chemistry Education: Pathway to a Sustainable Future"
447 K
file pdfHaoran Li (China PR)
"Aerobic oxidation in vitamin industry"
497 K
file pdfJonathan Forman (United States)
"Chemical Security, Disarmament, Non-Proliferation, and Industry: Green and Sustainable Chemistry Beyond the Research Laboratory"
492 K
file pdfMarco Eissen (Germany)
"Synthesis design with mass related metrics and health metrics"
413 K
file pdfPaul Anastas (United States)
"The Periodic Table of the Elements of Green and Sustainable Chemistry"
312 K
file pdfJames Clark (United Kingdom)
"Bio-based Solvents and their selection"
305 K
file pdfPhilip Jessop (Canada)
"CO2-Switchable Materials"
416 K
file pdfGiuseppe Mazzitelli (Italy)
"An affordable and clean energy: nuclear fusion"
409 K
file pdfEmiliano Cazzola (Italy)
"Green Radiochemistry: dream or reality?”
352 K
file pdfMario Marchionna (Italy)
"Hydrogen: the Missing Piece of the Zero-Carbon Puzzle?"
256 K
file pdfKatalin Barta (Netherlands)
"Cleave and Couple: Embracing complexity in renewable resources"
350 K
file pdfLiliana Mammino (Italy)
"The study of molecules and the design of substances: interfaces between green chemistry and computational chemistry"
254 K
  • Peter Licence (United Kingdom), "Ion Liquids"

International Scientific Committee 

  • Florent Allais, Directeur de l'URD Agro-Biotechnologies Industrielles (ABI) AgroParisTech
  • Jane Wissinger, Environmental & Green Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota
  • Ana Aguiar Ricardo, Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • Aurelia Visa, Romanian Academy, "Coriolan Drăgulescu" Institute of Chemistry, Timisoara, Romania
  • Klaus Kummerer, Leuphana University of Lüneburg. Institute for Sustainable and Environmental Chemistry, Lüneburg, Germany
  • Buxing Han, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
  • Jorge Colon, Chemistry Department, College of Natural Sciences, University of Porto Rico
  • Nadia Kendile, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Women, Ain Shams University,Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
  • Mester Zoltan, Department of Chemistry Queen’s University Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • Liliana Mammino, of University of Venda, Thohoyandou, South Africa
  • Natalia P. Tarasova, Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology, Moscow, Russia
  • Konstantinos S. Triantafyllidis, Department of Chemistry Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

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