OFA and eligibility

Eligibility for English Language level B1 and B2

Discover the linguistic skills that are required to students that enroll in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, and students that are already enrolled.
Furthermore, consult the cases of exemption as well as all the linguistic certificates recognized by the University. 

Fulfillment of OFAs (Additional Learning Requirements)

OFA for Mathematics

For the  2021/2022 Academic Year, there are five moments to fulfil the OFA: one at the beginning of september, for specific programmes, and one at the start of each exam session provided at the end of each of the four teaching periods.

For more information on the exam dates select the tab “Study”> “Exams”.

Programmes for fulfilling OFAs

If you have participated in an admissions test and were assigned an OFA in Mathematics/Matematica, we advise that you attend the specific courses that are carried out in September/October 2021 and at the end of them, a verification test is required. Attending the programmes for fulfilling OFAs is not compulsory in order to take the exam and there is no form of enrolment.

To take the test you must register to the exam. If you are enrolled in the academic year 2021/2022 you must fill-in your study plan before registering.

For more information on the schedule of the courses select “Study”>Timetable>Precorsi; you will find the exam content.

Students that are already enrolled in the BAchelor’s Degree programme who want to revisit and consolidate their mathematical data for their MAthematics programmes in first year are also advised to attend the course for fulfilling the OFA in Mathematics

To enrich or consolidate understanding of mathematics, it is also possible to participate in the MOOC “Basic Mathematics”: all the information is available at this page: Massive Open Online Courses.

Exemptions from taking the exam

Students are exempt from taking the Mathematics OFA exam in the following cases:

  • If you obtained credit recognition for at least 3 ECTS in mathematics when enrolling;
  • If you took the TOLC-E test and got more than 4/13 in mathematics;
  • If you took the SAT or GMAT and got at least 535/800 in “SAT Math” or 42/60 in “GMAT Quantitative”. 

Italian OFA (for students enrolled prior to the a.y. 2017/2018)

Since the academic year 2017/2018, the Italian OFA is no longer required, as such skills are considered as acquired with the fulfillment of the student’s study plan. If you enrolled before the academic year 2017/2018 and have not passed the Italian OFA test yet, you will be automatically exempt from taking the exam once you will pass all the exams included in your study plan and submit your request to graduate.

Last update: 01/02/2023