The final assessment consists of a written paper, in French or English, which is then discussed in the presence of a Commission composed of professors belonging to partner universities.

Students can choose the subject of the thesis, which has to be agreed with the supervisor and the Teaching Committee of the course at the beginning of the internship period. The thesis may consist of research or of a critical in-depth study of the issues addressed during the internship. The paper must be between 70 and 100 pages long (including the bibliography).

The thesis supervisor must be a lecturer of the MIM Master's degree course, the co-supervisor can be an expert on the thesis subject agreed with the Teaching Committee.
The thesis viva takes place at the Université Paul-Valéry 3 Montpellier (UPVM) within the first half of July of the second year of the course. 

The written paper must be delivered by the middle of the previous month.

Only in exceptional and justified cases will it be possible to discuss the thesis in the following session, in agreement with the thesis supervisor and in compliance with UPVM's administrative practice. In the case of a student not passing the final assessment, it will be possible to retake the thesis viva in September of the following year.

15 credits are attributed to the final assessment.

Last update: 25/05/2022