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The PhD programme in Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials is a  joint initiative between Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and CRO, the National Cancer Institute in Aviano.

During the the three-year full-time Programme, students manage their research projects in the laboratories of both Institutions, developing  the ability to collaborate with specialists coming from different disciplines. 
The first and second year are characterized by an advanced learning program. 
PhD students are encouraged to develop part of their scientific program in foreign institutions, preferably in the second year. The minimum recommended period for the internship is three months. Internationalization is one of the priorities of the PhD Program: the PhD Course offers opportunities of study and cultural and professional growth in a prestigious network of universities. 

Participation in top international conferences is recommended and financially supported.

Students are encouraged to participate to the departmental activities (lectures, seminars, presentations, workshops, etc.) during all the three years. If necessary, most of the courses and seminars can be given in videoconference mode.

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Class timetable

Discover the timetables of the classes, workshops and other learning activities of the Phd programme in Science and technology of bio and nanomaterials.


For academic year 2018/2019 courses offered are as follows:

  • Computational, Chemical  and Biological Systems
    Flavio Romano - to be agreed with the lecturer
  • Scientific Writing
    Alessandro Scarso - I semester
  • Biocompatible drug delivery systems in oncology
    Flavio Rizzolio, I semester
  • Biotherapeutics and technologies
    Alessandro Angelini - to be agreed with the lecturer
  • Nanoanalitics and Nanosensors
    Paolo Ugo - II semester
  • Design, Synthesis and Functionalization of luminescent nanoscale materials
    Elisa Moretti - II semester
  • Luminescent materials and characterization. Optical properties of luminescent materials
    Francesco Enrichi - to be agreed with the lecturer
  • Physical Techniques for surface analysis
    Elti Cattaruzza - I semester
  • Supramolecular chemistry and catalysis
    Alessandro Scarso - I semester
  • Statistical Mechanics of Soft Matter
    Achille Giacometti - to be agreed with the lecturer
  • Organic Synteses and special techniques
    Sergio Cossu - II semester
  • Eco-friendly organic synthesis: products with high added value from renewable resources
    Giulia Fiorani - to be agreed with the lecturer
  • The Chemistry and Reactivity of Collagen and its Applications
    Valentina Beghetto - to be agreed with the lecturer
  • Advanced NMR for inorganic and organic chemistry: a practical approach
    Stefano Antoniutti - to be agreed with the lecturer
  • Advanced course on Photoelectronic X-Ray Spectroscopy (XPS)
    Enrique Rodriguez Castellon, Università di Malaga - April 2019

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