Job Opportunities

What kind of jobs/careers does the programme prepare you for?

The programme will be of particular interest and relevance to those working in, or planning to work in:

  • Capital markets, trading and risk management
  • Investment management, security analysis, and broking
  • The finance function, controller’s department or treasury operations of industrial, commercial, and service organisations
  • Investment banking
  • Retail and commercial banking
  • Corporate finance, venture capital, and corporate restructuring
  • Corporate planning and consultancy, where a detailed knowledge of finance is required
  • Other professional organisations, such as accountancy firms, regulatory bodies, legal firms, property consultants, commodity businesses and investor relations specialists requiring an in-depth understanding of finance
  • Finance within the public sector and non-profit organisations, including central banks, local/national governments and international organisations

Here’s some of the banks, financial institutions and research departments where graduated IMEF students are now employed:

  • International. Banca Centrale Europea (Frankfurt), Banca Paesi Baschi (Città del Messico), Barclays Global Investors (London), BnpParibas (London), CDC Asset Management Europe (Paris), Cohen Bros. & Co. (New York), CQS Management Ltd. (London), Intesa Sanpaolo (London), Lloyd’s of London, Ludwig Maximilians University (Munich), Olsen Ltd (Zürich), RaBo Bank (Utrecht), Roubini Global Economics (New York), Trinity College (Dublin).
  • Italy. AIM Allianz (Milano), Banca Generali (Trieste), Banca IMI (Milano), Banca Popolare di Milano (Milano), Banca Popolare Friuladria (Pordenone), Bipiemme Gestioni SGR (Milano), Boston Consulting (Milano), CapitalgestSgr (Brescia), Caretti & Associati (Milano), Centro Studi Confindustria (Roma), CRIF Decision Solution (Bologna), Fideuram Capital (Milano), Ford Italia (Roma), Generali Investments Sgr (Trieste), Gestnord Fondi Sgr (Milano), INA Sim (Roma), Intesa Sanpaolo (Milano), Intesa Sim (Torino), Invesco Asset Management (Milano), Mediocredito Centrale (UniCredit Milano), Monte dei Paschi di Siena (Milano), Morgan Stanley (Milano), Movimondo (Roma), Nexen (Padova & Milano), Nissan Italia (Roma), Politecnico (Milano), Previnet (Mogliano, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Milano), Prometeia (Bologna), RCS MediaGroup (Milano), Replay Consulting (Milano), SAS Institute (Milano), Seven Sim (Pordenone), Unicredit (Milano).
  • Regione Veneto. ADACTA Studio Associato (Vicenza), Assicurazioni Generali (Mogliano Veneto, TV) Banca Antonveneta (Padova), Banca Popolare (Treviso), Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia (Venezia), Centro Private Banking – BNL (Mestre e Padova), Federazione Veneta delle BCC (Padova), Greta Associati (Venezia), Previnet (Mogliano Veneto, TV), Safilo (Padova).

Past students

Marko Iskra

"I chose to enroll to the IMEF Program in order to learn as much as possible about finance. It was a big stepafter five years of studying pure economics, however the transition to finance was a smooth process thanks to the IMEF's well structured blend of both economics and finance, and thanks to a great academic body. The program has allowed me to master finance in all of its aspects, from the basics, up to the more advanced topics. The main focus was on the quantitative subjects, for which I am very grateful as that was also the side of finance I was most interested in. Furthermore, it was mainly thanks to the master program that I was able to find employment right away: I am currently working as a product controller at the largest Dutch investment bank, with a one year contract. Simply stated, the master experience was outstanding, and I am very grateful for all that it has given me!"
Marko Iskra, Quantitative Analyst and Developer, Rabobank International - Utrecht, The Netherlands - IMEF 2010/2011

Carlo Sommavilla

"I decided to attend the IMEF in order to enhance my knowledge in finance, especially on the quantitative side of it, and in order to boost my career opportunities. The excellent Faculty and intense program helped me to learn a lot and to improve the understanding of what I already knew before. Moreover, having professors from different universities and also from the industry helped me to get a taste of what the broad world of finance really is. The IMEF experience has been challenging but also rewarding, and I would suggest it - mainly to whom has already an idea of what finance is and has at least some quantitative background. After the IMEF, and thanks to it, I managed to find an internship in London into the Corporate and Investment branch of an important bank and this experience is continuing even now that the internship is over. I must say that the topics touched during the Master, apart from what I have learnt before, really helped me in passing successfully the interviews and in doing a good job afterwards. Therefore the IMEF has been very useful to me for many reasons, and generally speaking a very good experience."
Carlo Sommavilla, Quantitative Investment Strategist, Morgan Stanley Associate and Research Assistant at USI Institute of Finance, Lugano, Switzerland - IMEF 2009/2010

Matteo Merlo

"After 5 years studying finance I decided to join IMEF for several reasons. After such a huge crisis in order to better approach the job market it was important for me to complete my profile with a program which combines theoretical aspects with more practical issues and gives you a more international view thanks to students and professors from all over the world. The IMEF provides you such kind of opportunity by combining top international level teachers with practitioners coming from several European banks and financial institutions. Moreover the homework provides you the opportunity to apply in "real time" your new knowledge. Finally, thanks to ad hoc seminars organized by the IMEF you will be in touch with a lot of Financial Institutions and find a lot of carrier opportunities. Thanks to one of these meetings, I've joined the Asset Management of one of the top three European Insurance companies."
Matteo Merlo, European Financials Analyst, UBS Asset Management, London, UK - IMEF 2008/2009

Stefano Perin

"My 5 year University course provided me with a strong quantitative financial background. However, being an ambitious person, I was looking for a Master program that could imoprove my degreee of knowledge and enrich my curriculum. Choosing the IMEF I found exactly what I was searching for. The specific courses, that combine frontal lessons with practical tutorials, and its international profile, that allows you to study with students coming from all around the world and with very highly qualified Professors, make the IMEF a fundamental opportunity for your career. Moreover, it provides you with a wide range of contacts with European and Italian financial institutions that help your recruiting. Although the hard times due to the financial crisis, immediately after the conclusion of my Master program, I started to work for the Risk Management team of one of the top-10 Italian banks. What's more, this master keeps an eye over its students for many years after they leave."
Stefano Perin, High Yield Portfolio Manager Generali Investments - CFA Institute - IMEF 2008 / 2009

Enrico Scarin

"When I applied for the Master IMEF I was working for the Department of Economics at Ca' Foscari University of Venice as research and teaching assistant. I was looking for a Master program that could provide me with both a deep knowledge of financial markets and all the quantitative and analytical tools necessary to face a PhD program in Economics. This is exactly what I found, and I strongly believe these two characteristics make the Master IMEF a unique program. At the end I decided to enjoy a prestigious asset management firm I had the possibility to meet at a conference organized by our faculty. An international environment, a challenging curriculum, a top-quality faculty... Absolutely, an unforgettable experience."
Enrico Scarin, Portfolio Manager and Financial Analyst, GENERALI Investments Italy SGR- Trieste, Italy  - IMEF 2006 / 2007

Federico Silvestri

"I was very uncertain whether attending the International Master in Economics and Finance or not. I was working in that period and the decision to leave that job to return studying was not easy. But it was right. The IMEF provides you both with a very good financial knowledge and with opportunities in the job market, because it is very important to have someone, outside the University, who knows the quality of this master and who gives you professional chances. The first part of the IMEF provides you with the quantitative basis (Econometrics, Mathematics,…), necessary to understand and appreciate the “core” of the master: financial markets, asset allocation, risk management, corporate finance. These 9 months are more similar to High School than to University for some aspects: you have the same mates, in the same room and with homework to do; you have to study day by day, so you will learn very much without staying on books during the night in the days before exams (it never happens to me). The international class and the international teachers give you the opportunity to open your mind to new opinions and to new professional background (and to improve your English!). And Venice is a wonderful and magic place. Thanks to the IMEF, now I’m working in the greatest European insurance company, after an internship of some months; the IMEF was the best way to conclude my studies."
Federico Silvestri, Financial Analyst, P&C Investment Management, Allianz SpA, Milan, Italy - IMEF 2006 / 2007 

Simone Zollia

"I am a really ambitious and dynamic person and I think that is not enough the degree knowledge to have a important job opportunity. After the International Master in Economic and Finance I get this important opportunity for my career. In that 10 month I learn many operative techniques for Financial Area and I improve my team worker approach. The course nicely balances theory with practice, be it the fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Capital Markets or Financial Accounting, or the more involved specialised topics on derivatives pricing and financial analysis of mergers and acquisitions. Another important opportunity is to work and to study in a international group, that is very important, because during these 10 month you solve practical case study and you can catch different point of view, given by different culture. During the Master we work hard for 10 month, but sometimes you can enjoy yourself in the Venice movida. That’s great!"
Simone Zollia, Risk Manager, UnipolRe, Dublin, Ireland - IMEF 2005 / 2006

Alessandro Dal Corso

"The International Master in Economic and Finance has given me the opportunity to change my professional life. I’ve found my first job some days before the end of the master, it was a four months internship in the Treasury department of a medium size Italian bank. Now I’m working in the Market Risk unit of the Risk Management Department of an important and dynamic Italian bank, where I can practice what I’ve learnt during the master program and make these knowledge and competences wider. The master program, thanks to its specific courses, gives to a student tools and techniques to understand and to face the financial world. Attending the Imef make you improve knowledge thanks to specific courses that combine, with an outstanding balance, theoretical lessons, practical tutorial, and support of the teachers. Of course this is not enough since you have to study hard and to become familiar with the subjects of the courses, but in the master you have the opportunity to exchange and compare your opinions and ideas with other students and get greater benefit from studying together. Another wonderful aspect of the Imef is that the international class and the international Professor give you the opportunity to get in contact and understand very different life styles and experiences from all over the world. Nevertheless the Master is located in one of the most beautiful place in the world where you can enjoy yourself after an hard exam!"
Alessandro Dal Corso, Senior Market and Counterparty Risk Manager, Intesa Sanpaolo, Montebelluna, Italy - IMEF 2005 / 2006

Andrea Piersanti

"I believe that the International Master's in Economics and Finance is a great opportunity to enhance your skills and to get a wider view of what is the Financial world. It goes deep through financial techniques and tools dealing at the same time with the most used and complex financial instruments. The huge program is taught by a prime-level international teaching staff and the lectures are tailored to give You the theoretical instruments to apply to the real world. An important experience to boost your financial career getting a background which is not common. Last but not least, I enjoined the unique feelings that this multicultural environment can give; I am richer both under the professional side and the human one. Hint: if You decide to join this MA course prepare yourself to a hard hard work…on my word! Enjoy it!"
Andrea Piersanti, Branch Manager - Senior Risk Officer, Leonteq Securities AG, Amsterdam, Netherland  - IMEF 2004 / 2005

Ludovic Cales

"I am an Engineer in Applied Mathematics by education and was a Software Engineer by profession. Having worked in the finance area, on the IT side, I got very interested in this field. And, instead of drifting slowly to more functional positions, I decided to operate a more radical shift towards finance. I was looking for a program which was quantitative enough (my favorite area) and taking place in an international environment. It is exactly what I found, with, in addition, plenty of other things (among all of them an excellent teaching staff and an exceptional city). It was a tremendous personal and instructive experience. The syllabus was intensive. The scope covered was large. I discovered sides of finance I would never have known otherwise, such as Corporate Finance, Ventures Capital, etc… The Master's program provided me a wide and in-depth view on Finance. I liked it that much that I am now Research Fellow at Ca’Foscari University!"
Ludovic Cales, Scientific Officer at the European Commission, Italy - IMEF 2004/2005

William De Pieri

"I believe that the Master's in Economics and Finance is an extremely efficient way to go over again some subjects studied at university in a brief time and moreover to study in depth very interesting topics that I’ve ever treated previously. This nine-month programme offers an important possibility to study, work and interact in a multicultural environment, given that you have to prepare homeworks and the time fixed requires an indispensable comparison with other approaches to the same problem; but it is also a very good way to made friends from all around the world of course. At the end of the programme I had several pourposes, in particular from banks (commercial for the sale of derivatives products, commercial-mass market, risk management and one for R&D) but also for consultant positions. My first choice was for a commercial position with a secure contract, then I decided to work as a junior consultant in the credit risk division of the italian leader society believing in the increasing career opportunities of this business. I found that some of my professors were very well known in credit risk environment as you can easily see with a simple web-research."
William De Pieri, Credit and Operational Risk Manager, PROMETEIA SPA - Bologna, Italy - IMEF 2004/2005

Stefania Marcassa

"The IMEF equipped me with a wide range of tools and techniques. The coursework refreshed my existing knowledge in Economics and broadened it into new areas of Finance. Studying at the IMEF gave me the great opportunity to start my academic career at the University of Minnesota as a graduate student in Economics. In addition to a rigorous education in Economics and Finance, I greatly valued the diverse group of people I got to meet and work closely with; this inclues faculty members from prestigious US and European schools, and international students. Of course, I loved the beautiful surroundings!"
Stefania Marcassa, Assistant Professor, Université de Cergy-Pontoise, Paris, France - IMEF 2001 / 2002

Christian Menegatti

"The Master's in Economics and Finance was an enriching experience in which I gained invaluable knowledge about the economies and the financial markets. I had the opportunity to explore both the theoretical and the practical aspects of the field. The program provided me with the analytical tools to successfully complete my PhD studies in economics. At the same time it gave a solid understanding of the financial markets, a significant asset for a macroeconomic analyst. The intensiveness of the program also taught me how to work under pressure, which is an important component of my professional life."
Christian Menegatti, Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Strategist, Windhaven Investment Management, New York, USA - IMEF 2001 / 2002

Roberto Matterazzo

"Attending the Master's in Economics and Finance was a great opportunity for my future carrier and an extraordinary experience of life. I had achieved my first degree in Business Administration, with a special field in statistics and econometrics, and I was looking for a Master’s degree to improve my knowledge in finance, with a good balance between theory and practice, and an up-to-date program. I can remember the quality of the faculty, the people I met from all over the word, with some of them I remain in contact still now, and the effort required to complete the classes. The topics covered were very spread: macro and micro economics, economics of uncertain, financial theory (CAPM, APT & C.), corporate finance, risk management, pricing theory, time series, econometrics, math and optimization, and may others, in a very short time. It was a very demanding program, of course, and sometimes very stressful, but gave us the ability to achieve the very high standard required by today financial industry. This allowed me to join immediately to one of the most prestigious financial consultancy firm in Italy as financial engineer/quantitative analyst and, after that, to became the Risk Manager of a management firm focus in managing Fund of Hedge Funds. It was a remarkable experience and absolutely the right choice."
Roberto Matterazzo, Risk Manager, UBI Pramerica SGR, Milan, Italy - IMEF 1999 / 2000

Michele Patron

"The Master in Economics and Finance gives you a rather 'unique' opportunity in life, a 'win-win' situation: if you want to pursue an Academic career, this is a fantastic starting point; if you need a well balanced mix of theory and practise to find a job in banking, this is the course for you. The professors are worldwide known academics and successful professionals, and this fact allows the students to get the best of both practical and theoretical states of the art. The students are choosen by the Master Committee according to their backgrounds in order to take full advantage of the courses, so your time won't be wasted in many concepts you already know to get your colleagues speeded up. The quality of your colleagues will allow you to have a challenging time also outside the classes, and this makes the Master in Economics and Finance a 360 degrees experience. I myself found a job after the first term, and I wasn't the only one!"
Michele Patron, Execution Services, Haitong International Securities Group Limited, London, UK - IMEF 1998 / 1999

Chiara Forlati

"The IMEF was really a positive experience, thanks to both the pertinence of the courses and its renowned faculty. Indeed, on the on hand, the programme properly balances theory and practice by providing a wide variety of tools and techniques and covering different kind of topics as International Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance and Derivative Pricing. On the other hand, it gives the opportunity to meet and work with an international group of outstanding people that enable you to deal with problems from multilateral perspectives and constitute important connections for your future career. I remember the period at VIU as one of the most intense but, at the same time fruitful, of my life."
Chiara Forlati, Lecturer in Economics - University of Southampton, UK - IMEF 1997 / 1998

Davide Galati

"I had the honour to attend the first edition of the Master's in Economics and Finance, in 1998: what comes to my mind is certainly a period of hard work, but at the same time I have the good feeling associated with the exceptional people I had the opportunity to know: with group spirit we shared an important phase of our life. The Master's has been decisive for my career: I undertook it after graduating, and just at the end of the course I was called to work in one of Italy’s most important Risk Management departments, at IntesaBCI. Presently I work in the Credit Risk unit at Banca Antonveneta: I believe that the opening to internationality which I experienced at the Master's will be of help now that my bank has become part of a big european group."
Davide Galati, Credit Risk Control Officer at Banca Antonveneta - Padua, Italy - IMEF 1997 / 1998

Sebastiano Manzan

"IMEF was certainly a life changing experience. The program combined the academic rigor of graduate courses in economics with the practical aspect of a master in finance.  The faculty teaching the program were outstanding and drawn from the most prestigious universities in the world. For me, IMEF was the gateway to a PhD in Economics and an academic career, and for many of my classmates it opened the door to jobs in prominent financial institutions.  I highly recommend it."
Sebastiano Manzan, Associate Professor of Economics Baruch College City University of New York - IMEF 1997 / 1998

Franco Mariuzzo

"The number of highly qualified academics and its location in Venice make the International Master's in Economics and Finance (IMEF) rather unique. The IMEF has indeed moved me one step further in my career. Its good structure and exposure both to theory and applied economics and finance provided me with a valuable quantitative background. Although the workload can ask you to familiarize with some pressure, the environment is rather friendly and colleagues tend to be fully supportive. The combinations of different nationalities and cultures add the master a positive social experience."
Franco Mariuzzo, Lecturer in Econometrics, School of Economics, University of East Anglia, UK - IMEF 1997 / 1998

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