Gender studies and social change

2nd level university Master - academic year: 2018/19


Ivana Maria Padoan
Ca' Foscari University of Venice


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Cultural and social interaction between the sexes is central to all societies. This Master in Gender studies and social change is built around an interdisciplinary study area embracing various theoretical and practical issues in contemporary society and culture. It explores the actions and relationships that will help us move towards a more inclusive, fairer society with shared opportunities, resources and powers of development and creation.The aim of this course is to offer participants the concepts and tools to understand and analyse the social construction of gender as well as social and institutional trends and practices seen from a global, interdisciplinary perspective. It is designed in particular for those working in public and private organisational contexts, to professionals who need to acquire instruments and skills capable of modifying the cultural, economic, organisational and social condition of institutions, policies, communities and of social citizenship.
The pathway combines theoretical elements at epistemological level with contributions from those working in organisations, in educational and social contexts, planning and intervention methods as well as best practices. Participation in research and work projects are an integral part of the learning process: you will begin by developing an idea for a study or project, breaking it down into tasks, aims and the resources required for its realisation, and concluding with an impact evaluation.
In line with this aim, participants will be required to carry out a study into themes related to gender mainstreaming; to set up targeted research projects exploring gender issues; draw upon the methodologies used in a range of disciplines; construct training and service paths for the various contexts and problems linked to issues related to different genders. Particular attention will be paid to multiple pathways and performances of the different genders.

Professional profile

This Master intends to provide a thorough grounding in gender issues, in the complex question of parity and equality at a time when the national and international gender gap has led to a loss of talent, competitivity, workforce as well as to cultural, economic and social change.
It will focus on the recognition and enhancement of the potential and talent that women can contribute in a climate of shared participation, respecting social, professional and individual needs both at work and in the family. Particular attention will be paid not only to competences relating to the world of employment, education, family, interculturality, social work and institutions in a system promoting rights and reducing inequalities, but also to the question of gender violence and to the resulting problems of ‘undevelopment’.
This Master draws upon feminist literature/culture, masculinity literature/culture, and the literature/culture of gender orientation, focusing on their differences and on the intersectionality of social constructs and political choices. This Master also intends to promote the understanding of differences and to study sharing and equality in order to support the personal, interpersonal, social and professional lives and wellbeing of people, both in institutions and in society.

Language: Italian

Places available: 30

Duration of the programme: one year

Period:  November 2018 - June 2020

Teaching methods: Workshops, seminars, lectures and online

Location: Venice

Application deadline: October 15th, 2018

Enrolment fee: € 3.500 (in two instalements)

Grants/scholarships: full or partial scholarships covering the registration fee, if given, will be provided by the institution of the instructor 

Information: Ca' Foscari Challenge School; Tutor

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