Double Degree with Universidad Nacional de San Martín

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Coordinator: Prof. Maria Lusiani
Department DFBC - Elisabetta Esposto
International Office:

The Double Degree Programme in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities/ Gestión cultural y políticas culturales (Cultural Management and Politics) is a new Master’s Programme developed jointly by the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice - Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage (DFBC) and the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Argentina).

The students enrolled at these universities have the opportunity to participate in this programme of international studies, completing one part at their home university and one semester (equivalent of 30 ECTS) at the other, enjoying the recognition of both programs of study. The participating students will be able to write a co-supervised thesis with faculty from both universities.

At the end of this joint programme the students will obtain two graduation titles:

  • Master’s Degree in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities, issued by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice;
  • Master’s Degree in Gestión cultural y políticas culturales , issued by the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Argentina).

Admission Requirements

The programme is reserved for students who have already taken a total of 240 credits (ECTF) during the first three years of their Bachelor’s and the first year of their Master’s in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities. At the time of the selection students must have received an additional 30 credits as first year Master’s students, and they must get an additional 60 before the start of the exchange. 

How to apply

To be able to participate in the selection process, it is necessary to apply following the procedures and deadlines reported in the call for applications, published annually.

Double/joint degree selection results will be published on this webpage according to the specific timeline mentioned in the Annex A.

Calls and forms


Required Submission of Documents for Semester Abroad

Before departure

Before departure the student must have completed the following steps:

  • discuss their study plan/academic curriculum (Learning Agreement) at the host university with Professor Casarin;
  • go over any potential changes to the study plan with the Chairman of the Board of Master Degree Programmes;
  • fill out and sign the Outgoing Learning Agreement form, and deliver it to the International Relations Office.

The International Relations Office will contact students who have been accepted to specify the other documents required by the Universidad Nacional de San Martín. 

Arrival abroad

Upon arrival at the host university, the student must go to the International Relations Office to deliver and sign the following documents:

  • the Learning Agreement;
  • any changes to the original Learning Agreement, if the student wishes to modify their curriculum prior to departure (the modifications must be approved by the faculty coordinator of both the home and host universities, before courses begin);
  • the confirmation form of their stay abroad

All documents must be sent to the International Relations Office of Ca’ Foscari via email ( or fax (+39 041234 7567).
The student should keep the original documents.

Before returning to Italy

Before returning to Italy, the student must complete, and ask the host university to complete, the second part of the confirmation form for their stay abroad.

Upon return in Italy

Once the student has returned to Italy, he/she must present the following documents to the International Relations Office:

  • the confirmation form for their stay abroad, which will encompass the entire period abroad;
  • the Learning Agreement, and if necessary the changes made to the original Learning Agreement, signed and completed;
  • Transcript of records and the exam certificate obtained abroad.

Application for Graduation

In order to apply for graduation the student must follow the procedures required for all Ca’ Foscari students.

Last update: 25/02/2021