International Master on ageing​

1st level university Master - academic year: 2018/19


Agar Brugiavini
Ca' Foscari University of Venice


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One of the main characteristics of the IM-AGE international Master's Programme is its close links with the Chinese economy and society, given the importance of the demographic process of ageing affecting this country's population. The IM-AGE Executive Master's aims to develop an understanding of the ageing process from a multidisciplinary perspective. IM-AGE will give students the basic knowledge to understand the ageing process from a medical, economic and socio-cultural viewpoint. This interdisciplinary preparation is necessary to develop an analysis of the so-called "silver economy". The knowledge provided by IM-AGE could potentially be of interest to those working in the property market, banks, the public health system and financial institutions offering private insurance for long-term assistance to people no longer self-sufficient. These are the central protagonists in the offer of services in the "silver economy". An important field of interest for the knowledge provided by IM-AGE is the technological evolution and variety of professional assistance services on offer for the elderly and the impact on their well-being. Provision of the training will follow a "blended" approach, although classroom teaching remains the favourite method to encourage the interactive nature of the Master's and the mutual exchange of knowledge between students and teachers.

Professional profiles

The Master's covers an area of growing interest in the global economy and society necessitating interdisciplinary competencies. An understanding of the economic and socio-cultural repercussions of ageing in fact requires the provision of contents ranging from economics to sociology, medicine and town planning. The Master's has been conceived taking these various needs into consideration, integrating them in the modules listed above. The aim of this combination of knowledge is to create professional figures able to recognise the needs of elderly people in a global context and formulate responses, with an understanding of the long term economic and socio-cultural repercussions. In addition, a number of markets which will develop in relation to these needs lack an adequate knowledge base.

Language: ENGLISH with CHINESE translation available

Available places: 25

Duration of the programme: one year

Period: January 2019 - January 2020

Teaching method: blended

Location: Ca’ Foscari Challenge School. Venezia Marghera (VEGA Venice Scientific Technological Park - Porta dell'Innovazione Building); National Interdisciplinary Institute on Ageing NIIA, Southwest Jiaotong University
Chengdu, China; The Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development (CSEND) - CP Geneva, Switzerland.

Deadline for application submission: December 3rd, 2018

Enrolment fee: € 8.000 (in two instalements)

Grants/scholarships: full or partial scholarships covering the registration fee, if given, will be provided by the institution of the instructor

Information: Ca’ Foscari Challenge School;

Last update: 17/04/2019