UNIVE, IBM and WAS met GIFAS at the Gildeskål Marine Centre (GMC)

Inndyr, Norway
June, 27th 2019

Gildeskål Forskningsstasjon AS - GIFAS, GAIN partner, is a private company based in Gildeskål in the Nordland County, Norway. GIFAS produces high quality salmon and is also committed to serve the community of Gildeskål with education, information and research on fishery and aquaculture.

GIFAS hosted a technical meeting focused on the preliminary results achieved by the installation of sensors for environmental and animal variables at the Røssøya production site
Giulia Micallef, Ronald Jørgensen, Roberto Pastres, Fearghal O'Donncha and Hallstein Baarset discussed how the data being collected will be turned into useful information by IBM platform.