Master in Global Business Japan

1st level university Master in Global business Japan
Academic Year 2018/2019


The aim of this Master’s Programme is to develop competences in communication, collaboration and creation as professional premises for cross-border business and management toward/in/with Japan. Students will be offered opportunities to acquire skills, capabilities and experiences relevant to developing business opportunities and professional careers, while using and improving their command of Japanese and English. This will be done through active (project and case study centred) learning in Japanese and English under the guidance of experienced business persons and academics. The contents of this course will consist of business language and manners, corporate culture, societal and regional challenges, employment practices, accounting and financing, marketing, trade and logistics, legal management, cross-border M&A analysis, workshops and internships with European, Italian and Japanese firms.


Professionalization by combining theoretical framing, active learning and case studies, with the aim of developing competences in business and management related communication, collaboration and creation.

Qualification issued

Students who have attended the classes, performed the internship and passed the mid-term and final examinations will be awarded the qualification of 1st Level Master’s in Global Business Japan.

Course calendar

Friday and Saturday.

Extra conferences and presentations may occasionally be held on Thursday.

The calendar of didactic activities will be defined in detail sufficiently in advance of the start of the course and will be sent directly to each student.

Teaching method

Classroom lectures, seminars, case studies, online activities.


English and Japanese. If the native language of the whole class is Italian, the “Business Japanese I” module may be held in Italian. 


Attendance will be monitored by signing a register. Regular attendance in the classroom is obligatory to passing the individual modules. Absences must in any case not exceed 20% of the teaching hours for each individual module. Credits are assigned by passing the examinations of individual modules, completing work placement/project work and passing the final examination.

Admission requirements

  • First cycle degree
  • Pre-reform degree (prior to Italian Ministerial Decree no 509/99)
  • Previous studies on Japanese culture and contemporary society
  • Good knowledge of English and Japanese

Available places

Maximum number of places: 30

The Master’s course will only be activated if at least 20 students have enrolled

Course fee

6.000 euro 

How to enroll

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