Research & entrepreneurship

Ca' Foscari encourages and promotes collaborative scientific research between its research groups, private businesses,  institutions and national and international stakeholders. Ca’ Foscari supports its researchers in the effort to develop innovative projects and pushes them to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise acquired in teaching and research. Ca’ Foscari’s aim is to give economic and social values to research results.


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RICAP - Research and Innovation Corporate Affiliates Programme

The Research and Innovation Corporate Affiliates Programme (RICAP) aims to multiply the opportunities for collaboration between the Ca’ Foscari and the private sector. A structured and wide-ranging collaboration relationship will allow to reconcile Ca’ Foscari needs with those of businesses, increase the impact of technology transfer activities and support training processes, as well as the employment of young researchers.

Ca' Foscari stands out in the panorama of national and international academic research for its studies in: green chemistry, innovative materials and nanotechnologies, art and cultural heritage, economics and management, history and anthropology, philosophical sciences, information sciences and communication, social innovation, environmental sustainability, foreign languages and literatures, in particular in oriental and middle-eastern studies.

In all these areas, Ca’ Foscari has developed skills and expertise to provide support to companies, public administrations and other organizations in addressing the challenges brought by the socio-economic, environmental, technological and globalization transformations.

CSA – University Scientific Instruments Centre

The University Scientific Instruments Centre oversees all the activities related to Ca’ Foscari scientific equipment, from purchase of new machines to the allocation of time to use to external entities.

The CSA manages the technological platforms able to integrate different skills to support research projects and offer qualified services to public bodies and private companies.

All the details on the equipment currently available and on possible application are published on the CSA portal [ITA]. Access to the equipment is regulated by Ca’ Foscari policy and can be gained by filling in the available form on the website.

Research collaborations

For companies, doing research in partnership with Ca' Foscari means activating collaborations with research departments and institutions, having access to the know-how and the skills of faculty and researchers and to the laboratories and research facilities.

Partnership can be developed through:

Services for businesses

  • On-demand research. Private companies can take advantage of the excellence that Ca’ Foscari has gained in specific research fields to answer innovation challenges and needs. This type of commissioned research aims to satisfy specific client interests. The cost depends on the requirements of the project.
  • Consulting Services. Ca’ Foscari researchers can develop monographic studies, provide technical or scientific solutions and assistance and supply opinions on projects and feasibility studies, etc..
  • Tests and Analysis. Ca' Foscari researchers can carry out analyses, tests and calibrations, in particular in the chemical and ecological fields.
  • Doing research is worthwhile. There are numerous instruments at regional, national or community level, to facilitate and fund applied research activities. All the research activities commissioned to Ca’ Foscari can be supported through the tax credit for investments in research and development activities.

Last update: 15/01/2020