Sign Language

The Summer School in Sign Language aims at giving both deaf and hearing students, from Italy and from abroad, the opportunity to learn more about different types of sign language in an intensive 2 weeks programme where they can also share their experiences within an international context. Participants can choose from a list of intensive courses in Italian, American sign language and Italian language for deaf foreing students. These main courses can be combined with modules on Italian deaf culture and on tactile Italian sign language.


The Summer School aims to create an international community over the summer by bringing together students interested in the world of sign language from all over the globe in an intensive study programme.

In addition to the 30 hour language courses which allow students to develop basic or intermediate competencies in LIS (Italian sign language) or ASL (American Sign Language), the Summer School offers an insight into the Italian deaf culture leading students through the beginning and the growth of the cultural specificities of the Italian Deaf community by presenting its rich artistic and expressive components. 

The Summer School offers courses taught by expert instructors for all types of students: deaf students, hearing students, Italian or international, as well as teachers or anyone interested in the topics.

Dates 2021

The 2021 edition of the Summer School will be organised by the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies. For further information see the English language programme on the webpage or contact  Prof. Chiara Branchini.

Programme Directors

Chiara Branchini
Anna Cardinaletti

Last update: 26/11/2021