Recognition of cultural heritage experts

On the 11th June 2014, the 8th permanent Commission of the Senate approved the outline of law 362 on the recognition of cultural heritage experts (S.1249 “Provisions containing the amendment to the code of well-being and of the landscape”), already approved by the Chamber of Deputies, who also recognized, amongst others, the professions of experts of diagnostics and of applied sciences and technologies to cultural heritage.

This is very important news for Ca’ Foscari students studying Technologies for Conservation and Restoration (TCR), Chemical Science for Conservation and Restoration (SCCR) or Science and Technologies for Cultural Heritage, who can finally see their professionalism as normalised and will be able to count on their understanding of their own skills acquired through a formative course designed according to criteria whose validity and efficiency is recognised on a national and international level.

In particular, the changes to the law mean that “participation of tutelage, vigilance, inspection, protection, conservation and enjoyment of cultural heritage are trusted, according to the respective abilities, the responsibility or the direct achievement of archaeologists, archivists, librarians, demo-ethno-anthropologists (the study of the mankind through studying peoples and nations), anthropologists, experts in diagnostics applied to cultural heritage, and art historians in possession of adequate training and professionalism.”

There will also be institutes with national lists of archaeologists, archivists, librarians, demo-ethno-anthropologists, anthropologists, experts in diagnostics and science and technology applied to cultural wellbeing and art history,  in possession of individual requirements.
“There are thousands of professionals in cultural heritage that were waiting to be recognised as their own profession. This law, resulting from an ample and deep discussion with all the interesting categories, clearly responds to this request and offers the State more instruments to fulfil the constitutional mandates. It is undeniable, in fact, that full tutelage and appreciation of the cultural heritage cannot be there if we do not appreciate the abilities of those that operate daily.”

The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism, Dario Franceschini, welcomed the definitive approval of the law that recognizes the cultural heritage experts.

Ca’ Foscari offers an ample spectrum of degree programmes dedicated to Cultural Heritage. This attention on our cultural heritage, also pushing for a somewhat exclusive geographical positioning, and the recognition of the professions connected to it, demonstrates that Ca’ Foscari is an important national reference in this field.


Last update: 16/11/2023