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Degree programme regulations

Regulations for Internships

Class L-43 Technologies for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage

To attribute the relative credits to the placement, students must hand in the placement attendance document and their certificate for finishing the internship.
The forms, filled in, signed and completed with the documentation attached, must be scanned and emailed to
If the theses were for the continuation of the placement, students must present the Form for the Final Degree Exam instead of the Placement Form (after having finished the placement)


The Teaching Committee of the Degree Course in Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage (STBC), based on the internship application submitted by the student and formulated on a specific form, approves the internship project and assigns one or two "tutors" to the student:

  • in the case of an "internal" internship, the tutor must be a regular academic of the Degree Courses in Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage or Conservation Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage or a University professor or a contract lecturer, provided they are approved by the Teaching Committee;
  • in the case of an "external" internship, carried out at an institution, private or public research laboratory, another University, an external company (in which case it is necessary that an agreement has been stipulated in advance between the University itself and the contractor), there will be two tutors, one internal (a regular professor of the Degree Courses in Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage or Conservation Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage) and an external one indicated by the external Body itself.

In the case of internships carried out "externally", please refer to the University regulations for the necessary obligations. To be admitted to the internship, the student must have at least 120 credits.

Art. 2

The "tutor(s)" is responsible for guiding and coordinating the work carried out by the student and for promoting all the formalities required by these Regulations, except those for which it is otherwise set out. For internal training the official start will be communicated by the internal tutor.

Art. 3

The internship, both external and internal, consists of carrying out study and/or research activities on a specific topic, agreed between the student and the "tutor/s". In order to acquire the 8 credits related to the internship, the total duration to devote to this activity must be at least eight weeks. To complete the internship the student must attend the Educational activity for bibliographic research in the field of chemistry offered by the scientific area library.



Last update: 22/11/2023