Health and safety course

Sicurezza e salute nelle attività didattiche e di ricerca

Title of subject: Health and Safety in educational activities and research in scientific areas.
Specific and general training for students treated as workers of  the Department of Molecular Sciences and Nano Systems and the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics as well as the School for the Conservation and Production of Cultural Heritage.

The regulations in effect in safety materials at places of work is provided for compulsory workers’ training, at the expense of the employer of public and private firms.

At the University, this measure of prevention also takes into account students that attend educational workshops, for research or service and, due to the specific activities carried out, are subject to risk. (D. Lgs. 81/2008 and smi and DM 363/1998). 

From the academic year 2014/2015, Ca’ Foscari offers, to those enrolled who return to the situation described above, a specific formative programme, as explained:

  • An online programme of general training, lasting 4 hours;
  • A lecture programme in the case of specific training, lasting 12 hours.

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Who does this include

The Health and Safety in educational activities and research programme is compulsory for all students enrolled from 2014/2015 in the following degree programmes:

  • Chemistry and Sustainable Technology (CT7)
  • Environmental Engineering for the Ecological Transition (CT10)
  • Environmental Sciences (CT5)
  • Technologies for the Conservation and the Restoration (CT6)
  • Science and Technologies for Cultural Heritage (CT60)

The programme is an obligatory activity provided by the personal curriculum and is worth 1 University Credit (ECTS).

Students in possession of confirmed training carried out at another body can ask for a possible exemption from attending the safety course through presenting a copy of the confirmation to the Secretary at the Scientific Campus.

General Training

The online programme for general training (4 hours) will take place in the weeks before the start of the programme in the classroom. Students must log on to the site and follow the instructions that you will have receive via email from the Secretary at the Science Campus.

The online course will consist of the visualization of recorded lectures and the developed through tests and auto-evaluation. The final test of this part of the general training will be compulsory to pass before taking the final test for the specific training.

Specific Training

The training for specific risks (12 hours, corresponding to 16 of 45 of the academic hours) will take place between the first and second semesters.

Classes will each have 35 students. The composition of each class will be communicated to those interested via email from the Secretary of the Science Campus.

On finishing this course there is a final verification test.

The timetable for specific training will be posted on the degree programme website as soon as they are available in Study > Timetable.

Attendance and final test

Compulsory attendance of at least 90% of the activities is necessary .

1 ECT will be given upon finishing the attendance of these activities and on passing conclusive verification of the same activities.

The programme will also release a certificate, valid for D. Lgs 81/2008.

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