Digital edition

In order to publish such a peculiar text as the 44th volume of al-Ṣafadī’s Tadhkira, one needs exceptional tools.

Indeed the richness and extreme variety of its contents – in terms of style, type of text, provenance, authorship and readership – , as well as the exceptional status of holograph manuscript – entirely in al-Ṣafadī’s hand: it is the actual notebook he personally used and created – calls for an outstanding tool that could put back the document in its broader context.

This tool is the digital edition.

Ours follows the rules of the TEI principles and is desplayed using the excellent EVT software, developped by Prof. Rosselli del Turco, Università di Pisa (for more information about the software, see

al-Ṣafadī, al-Tadhkira al-ṣalāḥiyya, vol. 44. MS Princeton University Library Garrett 3570Y (detail of f. 22)

What the digital edition will look like