Cognition, Language, Action and Sensibility – Venetian Seminar

The research center Cognition, Language, Action and Sensibility – Venetian Seminar is a place where students, Ph.D. students, researchers and professors can investigate the intersection between different academic disciplines around the themes of language, mind, action and sensibility.

CLAVeS (the acronym in Latin means “keys”) was founded in January 2019 by people taking part in Ca’ Foscari’s Ph.D. Course in Philosophy. Nonetheless, our aim is to gather different interests striving for interdisciplinary exchange. We intend to achieve this scope through the organization of lectures, seminars, conferences, etc. to be held in Venice at Ca’ Foscari University.


CLAVeS - Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage
Malcanton Marcorà [ITA], Dorsoduro 3484/D, 30123 Venezia
tel. +39 041 234 7269
fax +39 041 234 6210


CLAVeS activities aim to provide an opportunity for their attendants to better understand how language works not only from a purely formal point of view, but rather considering the social and ecological environment in which it is used. Moreover, the cognitive function (i.e. its capacity to inform and augment speakers’ cognitive processes) of language should not be obscured by its communicative function.
We like to think our research center as a starting point for the investigation of disciplinary areas that deserve an academic space of their own.
CLAVeS members also hold the Aesthetic Meetings, seminars that sometimes also include invited scholars from other universities. These meetings aim to study aesthetic phenomena in-depth, both from the side of sensibility and perception as well as from the side of philosophy of art and culture – also keeping in mind the cognitive and linguistic sides of those phenomena.

Activities a.y. 2022/2023

Past seminars

file pdfCLAVeS Spring seminars 2021 [ITA]
14/04/2021 - The title of Prof. Marconi's seminar has changed to "Il significato è solo l'uso? Sulla nozione di normatività semantica". 31/03/2021 - Prof. Piazza's seminar has been cancelled.
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Director, executive officer, scientific committee

Members and affiliates

To join as members or affiliates, please email our Executive officer.


  • Cristina Baldacci
  • Filippo Batisti
  • Giulia Bencini
  • Begoña Ramón Cámara
  • Alessandro Cavazzana
  • Pietro Conte
  • Filippo Costantini
  • Miriam De Rosa
  • Roberta Dreon
  • Matteo Favaretti
  • Susanne Franco
  • Roland Hinterholz
  • Alice Morelli
  • Luigi Perissinotto
  • Francesco Ragazzi
  • Cecilia Rofena
  • Riccardo Valenti


Last update: 01/02/2023