Main professional areas

Through the degree program, students will develop skills related to crucial professional areas of expertise such as:

  • Marketing and communication. To develop new tools and storytelling for companies who want to increase their visibility; to work on big data to customize products and services; to start e-commerce projects.

  • Digital Technology. To be able to manage projects and implement digital solutions in the field of information computer systems, network technologies, social media, big data.

  • Organization and strategy . To analyse and generate innovative solutions delving on digital technologies at business-model and organization level. Use new project management approaches to identify and implement business opportunities related to AI, blockchain, industry 4.0.

  • Economics and law. To use knowledge of the core aspects of the business, digital law and economic models to identify the legal implications of the digital transformation and explore innovative answers in the public and private sector.

For example, the following are possible responsibilities students of the course might have in the future: digital manager (in different industries), digital innovation manager, growth hacker, startupper, brand and product manager, marketing & business analytics specialist, online marketing manager.