Study plan

study plan is the complete index of academic activities that students must obligatorily complete in order to fulfil the degree programme requirements. The frequency plan is the total list of courses available to the student according to their year of studies.

For the purposes of acquiring specific understanding for writing the thesis or necessary module requirements, between the open unit or extra credits of the student’s study plan it is possible to select modules from the entire University Master’s educational system; for selection of modules from the Bachelor’s educational system, students must ask for approval from the Coordinator of the Didactic College of their degree programme. The exceptions are modules with compulsory attendance of the Linguistic and Cultural Mediation Degree Programme, that cannot be selected as open unit exams in study plans of students enrolled in other Master’s Degree programmes at the University.

International students who do not hold an Italian language certification (minimul Level B1) from this list Language certification are required to insert in their study plan the course LM00I0 Italian for foreigners (3 CFU) in place of LMH370 Environmental Writing (3 CFU). To this end they are required to take the B1 Italian Language course offered free of charge to EH students by Ca’ Foscari School for International Education (SIE). Admission to the course requires an A2 level that can be verified by an official certification or an online placement test administered by SIE. Students will have to maintain a minimum of 70% attendance and to pass a final test. If either of these two criteria is not fulfilled, students can enrol again by paying the reduced Ca'Foscari fee.


Filling in and submission

You must fill in and submit your study plan every year, even if you do not intend to make any changes to it.

Fill in the study plan


In case of doubts or problems in filling in your study plan, please contact the Campus specified on the website of your degree programme > Presentation > Contacts.

Study plan regulations

Please refer to the general curriculum rules addressed to students of Barchelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree courses

Last update: 21/05/2024