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Generic information for any platform

To access the eduroam network, your terminal must support the technologies WPA enterprise or WPA2 enterprise and 802.1x. These technologies are supported by almost all modern devices, but it is impossible to provide detailed instructions for any terminal with the related software.

Below is a list of the configuration parameters that must be set in your device:

  • Network identifier (SSID): eduroam;
  • Certification Authority certificate: AddTrust External CA root (to download it, just click on the following link: DigiCert_Assured_ID_Root_CA.crt);
  • Wireless security: WPA2 enterprise or WPA entrprise;
  • Authentication mode: Protected EAP (PEAP);
  • Phase 2 authentication mode: MSCHAP v2;
  • Anonymous identity: Leave blank;
  • Username e Password:

    • For staffuse your login name followed by @unive.it and the password provided by ASIT for your e-mail;
    • For students: use your matriculation number followed by @unive.it as your login name and the case-sensitive password you were given at enrolment;
    • Students and staff without a password cannot access the service.

Usually, terminals require the configuration parameters to be set just once when you first connect to the network. For subsequent connections (even to the networks of other federated entities), you just need to select the eduroam network.

Last update: 12/10/2020