Apple iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad 
WiFi access

The following procedure must be performed only once the first time you connect to the Eduroam WiFi network. For subsequent connections (even with other entities members of the Eduroam federation) you just need to select the Eduroam network on your device.

Download and install the certificate of the Certification Authority AddTrust External CA root.

Click on Install.

Click on Install.

The certificate is now installed and you can click on Finish.

Click on Settings in the menu.

Click on Wi-Fi.

Activate the Wi-Fi selector.

Select the eduroam network.

Enter your credentials:

  • For staff: use your login name followed by and the password provided by ASIT for your e-mail.
  • For students: use your matriculation number followed by as your login name and the case-sensitive password you were given at enrolment.
  • Students and staff without a password cannot access the service.

Set the "Mode" option to Automatic. Once you have entered your credentials, click on Connect in the bottom right.

Click on Authorize.

Once you have completed the procedure described above, you will be able to access the wireless network.

For subsequent connections (even to the networks of other entities members of the Eduroam federation), you just need to select the eduroam network on your device.

Last update: 12/10/2020