Festival Internazionale
di Letteratura a Venezia
25 28 May 2022

Frank Westerman

Frank Westerman was born in 1964 in Emmen in the Netherlands. After studying tropical agricultural engineering at Wageningen University, he soon became a freelance journalist in some of the world’s most dangerous places. In the nineties he worked as correspondent in Belgrade and Moscow. He writes novels and reportages dealing with racism, identity and power such as "Engineers of the Soul" (2010), "Ararat" (2008), “Brother Mendel’s Perfect Horse (2012). His works have received many awards both at home and abroad. Frank Westerman lives and works in Amsterdam as a full-time writer of non-fiction. His latest titles in Italian include "We, Hominids" (Iperborea, 2022) and "Dittico idraulico, Venezia, Vajont e il sorriso del salmone” (wetlands, 2022) that will be presented at Incroci di civiltà.

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