Neat seminars

Neat seminars

North-Eastern Applied Theory


What is NEAT?

The NEAT (North-Eastern Applied Theory) Seminars invite scholars working in economic theory, or with an interest in theory-driven applications and experiments.
They are organised by faculty members based in Padua and Venice. The monthly meetings rotate between Padua and Venice. Each meeting usually gathers two 1h-seminars in the same afternoon.

Notice that due to covid restrictions limiting traveling, the upcoming seminars are held via the zoom platform rather than in presence. We also switched the format to a more standard single talk of 60 min.

Any scholar (including post-docs and doctoral students) is welcome to attend. If you wish to contact us or show your interest you can reach us at 

NEAT seminars
Università Ca' Foscari Venezia
Università degli studi di Padova


Upcoming NEAT meeting

Date and time: Tuesday October 6th, 1pm (Central European time)

Speaker: Alberto Bennardo (University of Salerno)
Paper presented: Acquisition and communication of hard information in a multitask principal-agent relationship"

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Date and time: Friday October 23rd, 12.30pm (Central European time)

SpeakerDavid Levine (European University Institute)
Paper presented: "The Whip and the Bible: Punishment Versus Internalization" (with Rohan Dutta and Salvatore Modica)

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Date and time: Friday November 6th, 12.30pm (Central European time)

Speaker: Bard Harstad (University of Oslo)
Paper presented: "A Theory of Pledge-and-Review Bargaining”

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Date and time: Friday November 27th, 12.30 (Central European time)

Speaker: Piero Gottardi (University of Essex and Ca’ Foscari)
Paper presented: "Mediation Design"  (with Claudio Mezzetti) 

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Date and time: Friday December 11th, 12.30 (Central European time)

Speaker: Philippe Jehiel (UCL and PSE)
Paper presented: "Analogy-Based Expectation Equilibrium: Theory, Applications, and Beyond" 

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Workshop "Economic choices under partial representations"

Venice, 15–16 January 2021

(Tentative) Program

Invited speakers:

  • Vessela Daskalova (Toulouse School of Economics)
  • Andrew Ellis (London School of Economics)
  • Jeanne Hagenbach (SciencesPo Paris)
  • Paul Heidhues (University Düsseldorf )
  • Willemien Kets (Oxford University)
  • Paola Manzini (University of Sussex) or Marco Mariotti (Queen Mary University London)
  • Stefania Minardi (HEC Paris)
  • Heidi Thysen (London School of Economics)