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"required":true, "value_options":{ "":"", "Students":"Students", "New graduates":"New graduates", "Students and New-graduates":"Students and New-graduates" } } }, "OFFERTA_LIVELLOSTUDIO":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Study level", "required":true, "value_options":{ "":"", "BA":"BA", "MA":"MA", "BA o MA":"BA o MA" } } }, "OFFERTA_AREA":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\MultiCheckbox", "options":{ "label":"Study area", "required":true, "concatenate":true, "value_options":{ "Economics":"Economics", "Linguistics":"Linguistics", "Chemistry / Enviromental Sciences":"Chemistry / Enviromental Sciences", "Humanities":"Humanities", "Information Technology":"Information Technology" } } }, "OFFERTA_DURATA_MESI":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Number", "options":{ "label":"The internship will last (Months)", "required":true, "min":1 } }, "OFFERTA_MESE_INIZIO":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"The internship should start approximately in (Month, Year)", "required":false, "value_options":{ "":"", "January":"January", "February":"February", "March":"March", "April":"April", "May":"May", "June":"June", "July":"July", "August":"August", "September":"September", "October":"October", "November":"November", "December":"December" } } }, "OFFERTA_DATA_CHIUSURA":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Date", "options":{ "label":"Deadline for sumbmission/After this date we won't accept any application", "required":true, "jspiker":true, "oracle":true } }, "OFFERTA_AREA_AZIENDALE":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Text", "options":{ "label":"Inside the company's area/department", "required":false, "max":256 } }, "OFFERTA_RUOLO":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Text", "options":{ "label":"Role covered", "required":false, "max":256 } }, "OFFERTA_ATTIVITA":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Textarea", "options":{ "label":"Activities carried out", "required":true, "max":2000 } } } } }, "competenze_linguistiche":{ "type":"Group", "options":{ "label":"Linguistic skills", "elements":{ "competenze_linguistiche_inglese":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"English", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_linguistiche_francese":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"French", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_linguistiche_tedesco":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"German", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_linguistiche_spagnolo":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Spanish", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_linguistiche_cinese":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Chinese", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_linguistiche_giapponese":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Japanese", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_linguistiche_altro1_desc":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Text", "options":{ "label":"Other language 1: (specify)", "max":64 } }, "competenze_linguistiche_altro1":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Other language 1: level", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_linguistiche_altro2_desc":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Text", "options":{ "label":"Other language 2: (specify)", "max":64 } }, "competenze_linguistiche_altro2":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Other language 2: level", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } } } } }, "competenze_informatiche":{ "type":"Group", "options":{ "label":"IT skills", "elements":{ "competenze_informatiche_word":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Word", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_informatiche_excel":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Excel", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_informatiche_access":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Access", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_informatiche_powerpoint":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Power Point", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_informatiche_programmazione_desc":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Text", "options":{ "label":"Programming (specify)", "max":256 } }, "competenze_informatiche_programmazione":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Programming: level", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_informatiche_grafica_desc":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Text", "options":{ "label":"Graphic (specify)", "max":256 } }, "competenze_informatiche_grafica":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Graphic: level", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_informatiche_altro1_desc":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Text", "options":{ "label":"Other 1: (specify)", "max":256 } }, "competenze_informatiche_altro1":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Other 1: level", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } }, "competenze_informatiche_altro2_desc":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Text", "options":{ "label":"Other 2: (specify)", "max":256 } }, "competenze_informatiche_altro2":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Select", "options":{ "label":"Other 2: level", "addempty":true, "value_options":{ "Basic":"Basic", "Good":"Good", "Excellent":"Excellent" } } } } } }, "COMPETENZE_SPECIFICHE":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Textarea", "options":{ "label":"Specific knowledges requested for the activity contents and for the sector", "max":1024 } }, "capacita_personali":{ "type":"Group", "options":{ "label":"Personal skills", "elements":{ "capacita_personali_analisi":{ "type":"Checkbox", "options":{ "label":"Analysis", "checked_value":"Analysis" } }, "capacita_personali_sintesi":{ "type":"Checkbox", "options":{ "label":"Ability to synthesize informations", "checked_value":"Ability to synthesize informations" } }, "capacita_personali_problemsolving":{ "type":"Checkbox", "options":{ "label":"Problem solving", "checked_value":"Problem solving" } }, "capacita_personali_accuratezza":{ "type":"Checkbox", "options":{ "label":"Attention and accuracy", "checked_value":"Attention and accuracy" } }, "capacita_personali_risultato":{ "type":"Checkbox", "options":{ "label":"Result orientation", "checked_value":"Result orientation" } }, "capacita_personali_decisione":{ "type":"Checkbox", "options":{ "label":"Decision", "checked_value":"Decision" } }, "capacita_personali_iniziativa":{ "type":"Checkbox", "options":{ "label":"Initiative", "checked_value":"Initiative" } }, "capacita_personali_organizzazione":{ "type":"Checkbox", "options":{ "label":"Organization", "checked_value":"Organization" } }, "capacita_personali_comunicazione":{ "type":"Checkbox", "options":{ "label":"Communication", "checked_value":"Communication" } }, "capacita_personali_gruppo":{ "type":"Checkbox", "options":{ "label":"Group work", "checked_value":"Group work" } }, "capacita_personali_stress":{ "type":"Checkbox", "options":{ "label":"Ability to work under stress", "checked_value":"Ability to work under stress" } }, "capacita_personali_flessibilita":{ "type":"Checkbox", "options":{ "label":"Flexibility", "checked_value":"Flexibility" } } } } }, "CONTATTO":{ "type":"\\Unive2\\Form\\Element\\Text", "options":{ "required":true, "label":" To receive spontaneous applications please state your email or the link to the company's on-line form for the submission of CVs", "max":256 } }, "trattamento":{ "type":"Group", "options":{ "label":"Information on the processing of personal data, Eu Regulation 2016/679", "elements":{ "trattamento_txt": { "type":"Custom", "content":"

We inform you, pursuant to article 13 of the 2016/679 EU Regulation (\"Regulation\"), that personal data collected with the completion of this form (personal data, contact details and the qualification of the person responsible for following the bureaucratic procedure for the start of the internships) will be processed by Ca' Foscari University of Venice, with manual and electronic tools, within the scope of its institutional aims, to allow its students and graduates to carry out internships in compliance with the provisions of the Law of 24th June 1997, n. 196 (for occupational internships) and the DGR 1816/2017 of the Veneto Region (for training and orientation apprenticeships).
The data will also be processed to send promotional material concerning events and initiatives organised by Ca' Foscari University of Venice. The legal basis of the aforementioned processing is therefore represented by article 6.1.e) of the Regulation (\"execution of a task that is of public interest or is connected to the exercise of public powers\").
You can revoke the consent at any time, by sending an email to
Furthermore, if you give consent by ticking the appropriate box at the bottom of this form, the University may also use the data of the person in charge of following the bureaucratic procedures for the start of the internships for sending questionnaires to assess the quality of the educational offer and of the University's employability for the purposes of the QS World University rankings and for the sending of material relating to the promotion and dissemination of Ca' Foscari University initiatives.
The legal basis of the aforementioned processing is therefore represented by article 6.1.e) of the Regulation (\"consent of the individual concerned\").


The data will be stored for 5 years, according to the current regulation on administrative data storage.


For the purposes stated above, in addition to the University's employees and collaborators who act on the basis of specific instructions in line with the purposes and methods of data processing, personal data may also be processed by parties that provide instrumental services or accessories to the University that are closely related to the University's institutional activities. The updated list of these parties can be found on the University website on this webpage: page.


As an interested party, you have the right to obtain from the University, in the cases provided for by the Regulation, access to personal data, rectification, integration, deletion or limitation of data, or to object to the data processing itself (articles 15 and following of the Regulation). The request can be submitted, without any formalities, by contacting the Data Protection Officer directly at or by sending a communication to the following address: Ca 'Foscari University Venice - Data Protection Officer, Dorsoduro 3246, 30123 Venice. Alternatively, you can contact the Data Controller, by writing to PEC (certified email)
The interested parties, who believe that the processing of their personal data is in violation of the provisions of the Regulation, also have the right to file a complaint to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, as required by article 77 of the Regulations, or to take appropriate legal action (Article 79 of the Regulation).


The Data Controller is Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, with its registered office in Dorsoduro n. 3246, 30123 Venice (VE), in the person of the Rector Magnificent.


The University has appointed a \"Data Protection Manager\" who can be contacted by writing to the email address or at the following address: Ca 'Foscari University, Venice, Data Protection Manager, Dorsoduro n. 3246, 30123 Venice (VE).

" }, "TRATTAMENTO_VISIONE":{ "type":"Radio", "options":{ "label":"Read", "required":true, "value_options":{ "I have read the information":"I have read the information (required)" } } }, "TRATTAMENTO_QUESTIONARI":{ "type":"Radio", "options":{ "label":"I consent to the data processing for the purpose of sending questionnaires for the evaluation of the quality of the educational offer and of the University's employability for the purposes of the rankings of the QS World University", "required":true, "value_options":{ "I accept":"I accept (optional)", "I do not accept":"I do not accept" } } }, "TRATTAMENTO_OPENDATA":{ "type":"Radio", "options":{ "label":"I consent to the publication of the internship offer above reproduced on the University website in the form of open data without access restrictions. Failure to consent: a) will not affect the publication of the internship offer in the reserved area of the University website for the subsequent receipt of applications; b) will mean it will be impossible to publish the internship offer on the University website in the form of open data without access restrictions.", "required":true, "value_options": { "I accept":"I accept (optional)", "I do not accept":"I do not accept" } } } } } } } %} {% $content %}