Organisation & partners


The role of the supervisor is to integrate the researcher properly within the selected Research for Global Challenges Institute in order that all parties gain the maximum knowledge and skills from the G@V fellowship. This includes ensuring that the foreseen training-through-research takes place, as well as providing support and guidance for the professional career development of the fellow.

Supervisors and co-supervisors, later selected by a non-academic partner, play a specific role in monitoring and supporting Fellows carrying on research project.
The supervisor(s) also support in drafting a Personal Career Development Plan, which serves as a guide for monitoring research and training progresses and achievements during the postdoctoral Programme.

The candidate can include in the proposal the name of his/her potential supervisor. If a proposal is not fitting with the background of the selected supervisor, the Scientific Advisory Board finds a more suitable match.

All supervisors are high-profile active researchers in areas relevant to G@V, and with extensive experience in supervising fellows, a top track record and a rich research portfolio. A list of possible supervisors will be available in this webpage after a dedicated call. 

Boards and Committees of the G@V Programme

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is in charge of the whole management of the G@V Programme and of the interview step. It is composed by:

  • 6 internal experts from the six RGCI (including a balanced male and female representation)
  • up to 6 external experts (a minimum of 5) selected among the representatives of the partner organisations of the G@V Programme

Ethics Committee

An Ethics Committee was set up at Ca’ Foscari in October 2016 with advisory functions, research, investigation, promotion and dissemination in ethics.

As part of the application form, you will be requested to fill in an ethics table. Proposals raising ethics concerns will be flagged at any stage of the evaluation process. The Ca’ Foscari Ethics Committee will be asked to examine proposals that passed the Scientific Proposal Evaluation and present ethical issues. If in the proposal some aspects relating to ethics are incomplete, clarification may be sought.

Furthermore, proposals that pose issues linked to the handling of research and sensible data during and after the implementation of the project will be sent to the Data Monitoring Board of Ca’ Foscari. This board has advisory functions for research projects in which privacy issues arise in the computerized management of sensitive data or that adhere to the "open access to research data" pilot action of the European Horizon 2020 program.

Redress Committee

You will have the right to submit a request for redress following the results of each selection process phase (Eligibility check, Scientific valuation proposal, Interview) within 30 days of the evaluation results. Terms and time limit for the redress procedure will be clearly indicated in the e-mail sent to the applicant with the evaluation results.

The Redress Committee will consider and review any matter of redress, the outcome of which will be communicated to the Scientific Advisory Board.

Management Team

The Management Team (MT) will carry out the administrative eligibility check. 

International Reviewers

International Review Panels will be in charge of evaluating application proposals that passed the eligibility check. Each proposal will be evaluated by 3 international review experts.

A call for experts will be launched to update and increase the profiles collected in the database of international experts used at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Experts in the academic and non-academic fields of any nationality will be welcome to express their interest and participate in the extraordinary call for experts. Candidate experts with the most suitable profile bringing together resources and knowledge in the different six areas of research of the Research for Global Challenges Institutes will be selected to evaluate the fellows’ project proposals received.

G@V Partners

G@V Programme has an innovation ecosystem of 28 strategic partners, including spin-off companies, SMEs, large companies & research organisations, where as a G@V Fellow you will have the opportunity to do secondments or training activities. The Innovation ecosystem will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • build entrepreneurship being connected to relevant stakeholders
  • increase synergies at EU level in order to address emerging opportunities and market developments.

A partnership agreement will define the activity. Please contact your supervisor and the International Research Office for details.