Environmental Humanities: a view from Venice 
Virtual dialogues from 7th July 2020

Credits: image by Andi Arnovitz - livingunderwater.org

EHVenice 2020

Venice: a city built on water, a world heritage site, a miracle of beauty and technology, a place where humans and their ecosystem have been living in balance for centuries, a "thinking machine" for our times of climate crisis.

Marking the launch of the first Italian international Master's degree in Environmental Humanities, these online conversations explore the multiple ways in which humanities, sciences, arts, and activism can come together to face our perilous future.

Programme of the online dialogues  
7-31 July 2020

From July 7th until July 31st, every day Monday through Friday at 6.00 p.m. (Italian time), the Center for the Humanities and Social Change invites you to one dialogue around the environmental humanities, across time, space, themes, and cultures.
Following the day of publication, the dialogues will remain available on this page through the top-right menu of the following playlist.

Detailed schedule

Week 1: 7-10 July, "Explorations"

The first week will be dedicated to exploring the multiple geographic and interdisciplinary directions of the study of the environment, from literature to anthropology, from history to economics.

  • July 7th, Amitav Ghosh & Ca' Foscari students, Banadig, Bundook, Venice... Stories from Gun Island
  • July 8th, Valentina Bonifacio & Kristina Lyons, Transdisciplinary Ethnographic Engagements
  • July 9th, Christof Mauch & Carlo Giupponi, Narrating Nature, Modelling Environments
  • July 10th, Susanne Moser & Daniele Brombal, Hope in the Anthropocene

Week 2: 13-17 July, "Water"

  • July 13th, David Gentilcore & Craig Martin, Airs, Waters, Places: the Health of Early Modern Venice
  • July 14th, Jeffrey McCarthy & Francesca Santoro, The Ocean Around Us
  • July 15th, Daniela Zyman & Markus Reymann, Oceanic Post-humanities
  • July 16th, Carlo Barbante & Francesco Vallerani, Paesaggi di ghiaccio e di acqua: memoria del clima e idrografie culturali (in Italian with English subtitles)
  • July 17th, Emma Critchley & Neal Hartman, Water, Connectivity, and Breath: Art at Science Gallery Venice

Week 3: 20-14 July, "Crossings"

  • July 20th, Tim Ingold & Massimo Warglien, The Perception of the Environment
  • July 21st, John Haldon & Alessandra Bucossi, The Science of Reconstructing the Past: the Contribution of Environmental Studies to Medieval History
  • July 22nd, Sabrina Marchetti & Stefania Barca, Labour, Ecology, Care
  • July 23rd, Alessandra Viola & Jonathon Keats, From Plant Rights to Phytodemocracy
  • July 24th, Antonella Bundu & Igiaba Scego, Afroitalian Visions (in Italian with English subtitles)

Week 4: 27-31 July, "Venice"

  • July 27, Antonio Marcomini & Pietro Omodeo, History and Environmental Science Meet in Venice (in Italian with English subtitles)
  • July 28, Serenella Iovino & Shaul Bassi, Roots and Routes of the Environmental Humanities
  • July 29, Jane Da Mosto & Diego Calaon, Making Venice? Archaeology, Environment and Urban Ecology
  • July 30, Marco Armiero & Gilda Zazzara, Bodies of Workers, Bodies of Waters. Venice as an Industrial Ecosystem
  • July 31, Lucia Veronesi & Pietro Del Soldà, On the Wings of Art and Friendship (in Italian with English subtitles) + Elizabeth Coffman & Ted Hardin, Venice is Thinking: a film project

All the speakers

  • Amitav Ghosh and Ca' Foscari students
  • Carlo Barbante and Francesco Vallerani
  • Valentina Bonifacio and Kristina Lyons
  • Tim Ingold and Massimo Warglien
  • Serenella Iovino and Shaul Bassi
  • Antonio Marcomini and Pietro Omodeo
  • Susanne Moser and Daniele Brombal
  • Jane Da Mosto and Diego Calaon
  • David Gentilcore and Craig Martin
  • Alessandra Viola and Jonathon Keats
  • Marco Armiero and Gilda Zazzara
  • Daniela Zyman and Markus Reymann
  • Christof Mauch and Carlo Giupponi
  • Neal Hartman and Emma Critchley
  • John Haldon and Alessandra Bucossi
  • Antonella Bundu and Igiaba Scego
  • Jeffrey McCarthy and Francesca Santoro
  • Stefania Barca and Sabrina Marchetti
  • Elizabeth Coffman and Ted Hardin
  • Lucia Veronesi and Pietro Del Soldà

In collaboration with

Humanities & Social Change Center at Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Science Gallery
Ocean Space - A platform for Ocean Imagination and Ocean Action
Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Academy
Venice International University (VIU)
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