Microsoft Windows 8/8.1/10/11 
VPN Access for smart working/teleworking and library resources

If you have not already done so, download the following Fortinet FortiClient VPN installation file.

Click on the FortiClientOnlineInstaller icon to start running the installation file from the Downloads folder or other selected folder.

Accept the user licence agreement by ticking the box "Yes, I have read and accept the Licence Agreement", then click on Next.

Wait for the installation process to finish and click on Finish.

Click on the FortiClient icon on your desktop.

Tick the box for software support and click on "I accept".

Then click on Configure VPN.

When prompted, enter the following information:

  • in the VPN field: IPSec VPN
  • in the Connection Name field:

    • VPN Ca Foscari for smart working/teleworking, office work, system administration and maintenance
    • VPN Risorse Bibliografiche to access library resources and for unrestricted Internet access from countries with Internet censorship

  • in the Remote Gateway field:

    • for smart working/teleworking, office work and system administration and maintenance
    • to access library resources and for unrestricted Internet access from countries with Internet censorship

  • in the Authentication Method field: select Pre-shared key and enter Unive1868
  • in the Authentication (XAuth) field, select Prompt on login (to enter your password each time you connect) or Save login (to save your password)

Go to "Advanced Settings" (if needed, use the narrow scroll bar on the right), and click on "+".

Click on "+" alongside the "Phase 1" menu item.

In the Local ID field, enter one of the following depending on your category:

  • to access library resources or for unrestricted Internet access from countries with Internet censorship: biblio-forti
  • for office work for teaching staff, researchers, technical administrative staff (PTA), language assistants and experts (CELs), and students: unive-forti
  • for research activities and access to virtual machines (VM): ricerca-forti
  • for ICT system maintenance operators (authorised by ASIT): ict-forti
  • for IOT system maintenance operators (authorised by ASIA): iot-forti
  • for multimedia system maintenance operators (authorised by ASIT): multimedia-forti

Deselect the "Dead Peer Detection" option.
Click on "Save" in the bottom right.

To connect, enter your current unive username (without or provided by the University when you enrolled or started work and valid for access to all IT services (email, personal area of the University website, etc.) and password and click on Connect.

During the work session, the application window will display some connection parameters.

Last update: 22/11/2023