Study plan

The study plan is a list of all training activities that each student must undertake during its university career (exams, workshops, placement / internship, etc.). The frequency plan instead shows the education activities available by year of the course on which the student is enrolled.

The course adopts a calendar scheme organized in 4 periods.
The first 3 periods include teaching activities, lasting about 6 weeks each, followed by an exam session for the courses held in that period.
Recall that you will have 4 chances to take the exam of each course. The first will be right after the course, the others in the general exam sessions in January, April and September.
Note that Hospitality, differently from the other courses at Ca' Foscari, has a general exam session in April rather than in June.
This is to make sure that the fourth period from June to August can be fully dedicated to the stage. Please, take into account that dates below may be subject to slight changes.

  • 19/09/2022 - 24/10/2022 Teaching
  • 2/11/2022 - 5/11/2022 Exams
  • 7/11/2022 - 17/11/2022 Teaching
  • 19/12/2022 - 23/12/2022 Exams
  • 9/01/2023 - 4/02/2023 Exams
  • 6/02/2023 - 18/03/2023 Teaching
  • 20/03/2023 - 25/13/2023 Exams
  • 11/04/2023 - 6/05/2023 Exams
  • 5/06/2023 - 26/08/2023 Stage
  • 4/09/2023 - 15/09/2023 Exams



The compilation of the study plan is compulsory in every enrollment year, even if you do not intend to apply any changes.

Fill in the study plan


In case of doubts or problems in compiling your study plan, please contact the Campus or Didactic Unit of the Department specified on the website of your degree programme > Presentation > Contacts.

Study plan regulations

Please refer to the general curriculum rules addressed to students of Barchelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree courses

Last update: 05/12/2022