Electroanalytical chemistry

Research group 

Salvatore Daniele, Full Professor
Maria Antonietta Baldo, Researcher
Sabrina Fabris, Technical Staff 


Paolo Oliveri, University of Genoa

Research topics

  • Development of miniaturized electrodic devices and electrochemical cells, based on micro- and nano- electrodes, and their applications in environmental, food, medical and cultural heritage fields. 
  • Development of techniques and methods based on Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM), also coupled with Scanning Probe Microscopic techniques (as for instance Atomic Force Microscopy, AFM, and Scanning Electrochemical Systems), for the study and characterization of organic and inorganic materials of interest in the cultural heritage conservation and of micro- and nano-structured materials.
  • Development and application of novel analytical strategies for the determination of components and contaminants in real matrices, even with chemiometric and blind analysis procedures.
  • Development of devices and procedures for the determination of anticancer drugs in biological fluids.
  • Use of ionic liquids and high viscous organic solvents to perform electroanalytical investigations in samples unusual to electrochemical methods.

        Last update: 22/06/2022