When is the Call for Applications available?

The Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management is a limited admission course. There are 140 available places for a.y. 2021/2022. Of the total number above, 20 places are reserved for non-EU students resident abroad.
There are two calls for applications: the Spring Call for Applications (available every year from mid March) and the Summer Call for Applications (available every year from mid May).
These calls for applications are published within the Digital Management Admission website University of Ca’ Foscari.

What is the TOLC-E test about? In which language should it be taken?

The TOLC-E is an individual test and consists of 36 selected questions. You can find the syllabus and the structure of the TOLC-E at the following link.
Candidates can choose to take the TOLC-E test in Italian or in English.
The choice of the language does not affect the final grade of the test. For further information regarding the contents of TOLC-E, you can visit the FAQ on CISIA website.

When will the TOLC-E dates at University of Ca’ Foscari be available?

At CISIA webpage you can find all the available dates to take the TOLC-E test, the required exam to access the application process of Digital Management.
TOLC-E can be taken with University of Ca’ Foscari but also with any other italian University that has available dates and places.
For further information regarding the TOLC-E test, you can visit the FAQ on CISIA website.

Is it possible to take the TOLC-E several times?

A TOLC test of the same area can be taken once a month, regardless of the University it was taken with.
In order to access the application process for Digital Management, it will be taken into consideration the best outcome between all the tests taken such as TOLC-E, English TOLC-E and TOLC@CASA.

What is the selection interview about?

The selection interview is a motivational online interview led in English. Its aim is to know the students’ Curriculum Vitae and Studiorum, to better understand and identify candidates’ soft skills, ambitions and motivations to attend the BA in Digital Management.
The selection board will award a maximum of 10 points for the interview.

Can I enroll even if I have Maths OFA (Additional Learning Requirements)?

Admitted students with Maths OFA (Additional Learning Requirements) must fulfil it before the exams session of maths-statistics, economics, and before the 30th of September of the next year of enrollment.
It is recommended to attend the special courses which will take place in September/October. At the end of the courses a verification test is required.
At the following link you will find all the information regarding the OFA and the limitations it imposes on exams.

Is it possible to enroll as a worker student?

All the courses of Digital Management have a strong practical component characterised by weekly group work.
In addition to curricular courses, there are specific Enhancing courses that are created to develop certain essential skills useful to deal with the world of work.
Due to this type of teaching and learning based on practice and on professional and work reality, full attendance to BA classes is strongly recommended.

What are the academic services available for students with disabilities and learning disabilities?

At University of Ca’ Foscari dedicated webpage you can find all the disability services available.

What professional areas may I cover after the BA in Digital Management?

The BA in Digital Management trains specialists in digital transformation who will be able to create innovative start-ups or will be able to lead private and public companies (in Italy or abroad) in the processes of digital transformation and innovation in the technological, business-organizational, economic and legal fields.

These are some of the professional positions that can be filled after the Digital Management degree: Assistant Chief Digital Officer, Junior Business Analyst, Digital Manager (in different industries), Digital Innovation Manager, Growth Hacker, Startupper, Brand and Product Manager, Marketing & Business Analytics Specialist, Online Marketing Manager.


Why do I need a B2 English Language Certificate?

To complete the enrollment process, it is required at least a B2 English Language Certificate. Admitted candidates must upload the B2 English Language Certificate or a self-declaration  form attesting the knowledge of the required level of English at the time of the enrollment.

Which B2 English language certificates are recognized?

You can find the recognized language certificates in the University of Ca’ Foscari website. Here you can also find the B2 exemption cases.

I have successfully taken the B2 exams, but have not received the official certificate yet. What can I do?

If you have taken and successfully passed the B2 English Language Test but still do not have the official certificate, you can upload a self-declaration at the moment of enrollment.


How much is the annual tuition fee for the BA in Digital Management?

The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Digital Management for a.y. 2021/2022 requires a maximum contribution equal to 7,523 € for each Academic Year, without any distinction between Italian/EU students and non EU students. The price may slightly vary from one A.Y. to another.
At Digital Management Tuition Fees webpage you can find updates and more information about it.
The tuition fee is paid in three instalments: september-december-may of each a.y.

Are there financial aids?

There are economic benefits for students who meet the required ISEE economic conditions. You can find further information at the Ca’ Foscari Tuition Fees webpage. Moreover, with your ISEE economic condition you can calculate the annual tuition fee through the online simulator.

At the following link you can find the information about Ca’ Foscari incentives for off-site students.

Are financial loans for BA in Digital Management available?

At the following link you can find further details regarding student loans.

What does the annual tuition fee include?

The annual tuition fee includes all the teaching experience of the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management (curricular lessons, complementary lessons, workshops). To complete the offer for our students, we provide cultural events and meetings/debates/lectures with startups, entrepreneurs and companies throughout the year.
The fee does not include accommodation, transportation, meals and expenses related to personal needs.

How much does the Accommodation service in H-FARM Campus cost?

There are various types of accommodation and solutions for students who want to live inside or nearby H-FARM Campus.
For any information please contact the email address:  info.accommodation@h-farm.com

How much does the Restaurant service in H-FARM Campus cost?

The Restaurant service is active inside H-FARM Campus: students can consult the daily menu online and book their meal.
The price range of the dishes varies from 5 to 15 euros for a full menu


Is it possible to visit H-FARM Campus?

For booking and information please contact the email address: digital-management@unive.it

How can I reach the H-FARM Campus using public transports?

From September 2020 is available a public transport service to and from H-FARM Campus.

  • Public transport company ATVO: bus line 22 and 25A
  • Public transport company MOM: bus line 108