Master's Degree Programme in
Economics, Finance and Sustainability





Why enrol in this programme


Economics-QEM curriculum: gain a solid background in economics at an international standard, with a focus on quantitative methods. Participate in a course that is involved in the Erasmus Mundus QEM programme and welcomes many international students. Obtain a joint degree with one of our five partner universities


Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Curriculum: develop high-level financial skills, with a focus on the application of mathematical and statistical analysis in the financial market and in financial institutions. Explore and study financial instruments, including complex ones. Participate in international exchange programmes and obtain a double degree


Sustainable Finance Curriculum: become an expert on the impact of climate change and on sustainable development objectives, combining finance with sustainability. Learn to assess, understand and manage the dimensions of sustainable development by considering risks and opportunities, with regard to single institutions and to the economic and financial system. Participate in international exchange programmes and obtain a double degree

Your future career options

become an expert in Economics and find employment as a professional in international institutions and in public and private research institutes, such as universities, consulting agencies, private enterprises, and non-profit organisations

become an expert in Quantitative Finance and build a career in banking, insurance agencies, financial intermediaries, savings management companies and other intermediaries

become an expert in Sustainable Finance and find employment as a financial specialist with ESG skills, with the ability to adopt the transversal roles required by the integration of the dimension of sustainability


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