Master's Degree Programme in
Engineering Physics





Why enrol in this programme


you can choose one of three innovative curricula which are unique in the Italian and international educational offer. Your options are Quantum Science and Technology, Physics of the Brain (in collaboration with SISSA Trieste, which issues a diploma at the end of the course of study), and Physics of Finance and Economics. Learn about modern physics, computer engineering and electrical engineering, as well as their applications in quantum technology and the physics of complex systems, in various fields of physics, and in biological or social systems


participate in a course entirely in English which provides a high-level, modern and cosmopolitan approach to relevant issues in advanced technologies, as well as in fields in which quantitative physics and engineering are becoming more popular – such as biophysics and biomedicine, and economics and finance


as an Engineering Physics graduate, you will be able to understand and model various facets of an ever-changing environment, and you will be competitive both in the world of work and in the field of cutting-edge international research

Your future career options

a degree in Engineering Physics will give you excellent employment opportunities – statistics show that over 90% of graduates find employment within six months of graduating, with 100% finding employment within a year.
After graduating, you will be able to work in Italy and abroad in every technologically advanced sector, be it related to production (of materials, nanotechnologies, biomedicine) or data elaboration (mathematical modelling, multivariable systems such as biological systems, IT security, financial analysis)

as an Engineering Physics graduate you will be able to join companies that operate in:
materials engineering, electronics and telecommunications, banks and investment funds, innovative SMEs, industrial consulting firms, research centres, hospitals and centres that use diagnostic devices and advanced treatment, representative offices of foreign companies in the field of physical, optical and diagnostic technology, and technology start-ups


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