Daniela Cesiri
Language and translation - english language

Let’s talk about you: what is your background, what do you teach, and what are your research interests?
My name is Daniela Cesiri and I teach English Language courses with modules focusing on the linguistics of the language. I come from Lecce, Italy, where I received my bachelor’s and PhD degrees in the field of English linguistics. My research interests are varied and are reflected in my publications: from the history and varieties of language to English used in digital communication and for specific purposes. At the moment, my focus is on food and wine communication.

Tell us about your academic path.
My academic path was quite straightforward. After my undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral experiences in Italy and abroad, I became a researcher at Ca' Foscari about a decade ago, and more recently I obtained my current role as Associate Professor.

Have you always known that this was going to be your path?
Yes, I would say so. As an undergraduate student, the English Language History course was "love at first sight" in terms of research in the English field, and the dissemination of these findings through teaching.

What is the aspect of your research you are most passionate about?
Always discovering new nuances in the way ideas and concepts are communicated in English, a language that for many does not seem to offer new paths but, on the contrary, is constantly evolving and mutating, transcending the geographic boundaries of traditionally English-speaking countries.

What does teaching and researching mean to you?
The excitement of discovery and sharing.

What has given you the greatest satisfaction in your career?
Seeing students taking an interest in the communicative dynamics of English, not only as a vehicular language but more importantly as a living, vibrant entity.

What study area have you always wanted to be involved in, but have not yet had the opportunity to explore?
My next project!

What would you say to young people starting their university career?
Good choice! It takes patience, enthusiasm, and determination, but one should never give up, since  their destiny is at stake. It’s worth enjoying the educational journey to the fullest, at an academic and a personal level.

What would you say to young researchers?
The road is not easy nor without obstacles, but if this is the path they want to take, difficulties should not stop them. If anything, they should motivate them even more in achieving their goals and developing their projects.

Last update: 28/02/2023