Maria Antonietta Baldo
Analytical Chemistry

What do you teach at Ca’ Foscari? What are your main research interests?
Let me introduce myself: I am a lecturer in analytical chemistry, currently teaching "Analytical Chemistry and Laboratory - Mod. 1" (degree programme in Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage), and "Laboratory of Instrumental Analytical Chemistry - Mod. 2" (degree programme in Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies). My research focuses on electroanalytical chemistry, with an emphasis on the development of advanced electrode devices and innovative analytical strategies for the determination of constituent substances and contaminants in real matrices. The focus is especially on the development of miniaturised electrode systems, based on the use of microsensors, to be applied to environmental, food, and cultural heritage studies.

Tell us about your academic path.
My academic career began and continued here at Ca' Foscari, which I truly feel is 'my university'! In fact, I graduated in Industrial Chemistry at our university, and after the professional qualification exam I was awarded a postgraduate scholarship in environmental studies by the Accademia dei Lincei. This immediately gave me the opportunity to start my academic research career, which I continued with passion by attending a PhD course in Chemical Sciences, curriculum Analytical and Environmental Chemistry. After earning my PhD, I became a researcher under the Department of Physical Chemistry and, since 2011, the Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems.

Have you always known that this was going to be your path?
Yes, in my thoughts I always imagined that this was my path!
Even in my early years at school, and especially in my final years of high school (classical studies), I found scientific subjects much more attractive and stimulating. My decision to study chemistry at university was mainly dictated by my curiosity to know and understand the matter and the environment in which we live, and the mysteries they contain. Also, working and growing professionally in academic research, along with the chance to teach young people and pass on to them the passion and curiosity for studying and understanding our disciplines, have been a truly stimulating opportunity and source of great satisfaction for me!

Last update: 28/02/2023