Valentina Beghetto
Industrial Chemistry

What do you teach at Ca’ Foscari? What are your main research interests?
I currently teach several subjects in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Sustainable Chemistry and Technology, namely "Polymers", "Chemistry of the Tanning Industry" and "Perfumes, Fragrances and Food". My research interests and areas are green chemistry and process and product sustainability in connection with the principles of circular economy for the manufacturing industry. My scientific research focuses on process/product sustainability, with regard to the production of highly sustainable leathers, bio-polymers, biomass recovery for the manufacturing industry, homogeneous catalysis for the production of fine chemicals, high-performance surface treatments, including antimicrobial treatments for the packaging industry, edible biodegradable films, recovery/recycling of plastics for tarmacs, biomass recovery for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, animal feed or bio-plastics
I am an expert in basic and industrial research, communication, event planning and public engagement.

What has given you the greatest satisfaction in your career?
One of the greatest satisfactions was founding Crossing Srl, a spin-off and innovative SME dealing with process and product sustainability for the protection of the environment and people. Established in 2014, the company now has more than 20 patents and multiple funded projects to its credit. Our numerous partnerships with national and international companies help us develop innovation on an industrial scale, making it easier for our graduates to find employment, and implementing an important technology transfer activity.

What are you most passionate about in your research?
The aspect I am most passionate about in my job is the challenges we have to solve on a daily basis, often stimulated by local needs and manufacturing companies. Today's climate situation forces us to quickly find solutions that reduce the environmental and social impact of industry, and we can do our part. Sustainability and circular economy must be our benchmark, but they are not the finish line. Other aspects related to the blue economy and a life cycle thinking approach are ambitious goals to aim for and a chemist can help achieve them.

What do teaching and researching mean to you?
Teaching and researching are first and foremost a passion, but also a moral and social commitment to give back to the community and the students, to pass on knowledge and culture, and to help society improve.

What is the connection between your research and the city of Venice?
As I am involved in technology transfer, my connection with the City of Venice is very deep-rooted. With my group, we organise cultural events and activities for the Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems (DSMN), targeting a wide audience in order to raise awareness on important issues such as environmental sustainability, emphasising the key role that a Department of Sciences with great expertise in the chemical field can play locally.

Last update: 08/05/2024